Monday, 31 December 2012

MAC's Blot Powder

Hey guys,

Today Im here with a review of MAC's Blot Powder which I've been using for a little while now and think I've been converted! I mean, I have two of these now (one for in the house, and one for in my bag) and have found it to be just what I was looking for.

MAC's Blot Powder is a face powder designed to absorb excess oils without adding colour or cakey-ness to your face and makeup. You can apply it at the beginning of the day to set your makeup and prevent it getting oily or you can apply it onto oily areas (mainly my nose and chin) to get rid of the shine. I have been loyal to my MAC MSFN for the past 2 and a half years already but it wasn't exactly touch-up material since it piles on the product more and makes me look cakey. I have used my Blot Powder for about a month now with a few different foundations and have found that it does a great job at setting it and doesn't change the colour at all which avoids the cakey, over-powdered look. I have also definitely noticed the reduction of shine in my t-zone area and only touch up the powder once during the day, brilliant!

I really like this powder and suggest it to anyone with oily/combination skin.

Have you used any MAC powders?

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Emily x