Saturday, 23 June 2012

Haul/Review; Fake MAC Hello Kitty Kabuki Brush

Hi ladies :)

I am always on the look out for new brushes, I really don't think you can have too many! After my pleasant experience with my other FAKE MAC Hello Kitty brush set, I finally gave into this brush. My other Bourjois Powder Kabuki Brush was becoming a little on the rough side after plenty of washes, it wasn't really a pleasure to apply products with it, so this is definitely an upgrade!

I couldn't find many reviews before ordering the Kabuki, but I went ahead anyway. 

The brush comes with a little case which is so cute! The print isn't perfect, but I don't mind as its soft and has no smell. The case will prevent damage to your kabuki brush, from either dust and germs but also inside your handbag! The brush I used to have in there got so dirty and covered in crumbs & rubbish - all sorts really- it was so nasty! This case however is perfect. 

The brush is perfectly sized. Not too small and not too big. 

As you can see in the photos, the bristles are incredibly dense and are shaped into a light dome. This means that the brush picks up products really well and gives a lovely flawless finish. What I really love about this brush though is how wonderfully soft it is. 

I have had no issues with shedding on this little guy and it works flawlessly buffing my powder in everyday. 

I washed this brush 3 times, its easy to wash and it dries over night or around 5 hours! 

As I said, I bought this knowing full well it was FAKE MAC, and like I said in my previous post -here- I have no issue with buying fake products.

I bought it for £2.88, and I am really pleased.

The seller I bought it from no longer has the item, but it is easily found on ebay. 

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Emily x


  1. This is really cute! As long as it's a good quality, who else is going to care if you use it?

    1. Thats my thoughts exactly! I would have paid more in Boots or Superdrug for something else less soft so it works out great :D xxx

  2. What a bargain! That kabuki looks amazing! Do you know if the bristles are natural or synthetic? I'm vegan :)

    1. Hello! I believe it is synthetic, you could alway email the seller to check :) xx

    2. Oh great Emily, thank you! I'm going to contact the seller to be sure ;) xx