Tuesday, 12 June 2012

MAC Lipstick In Impassioned - Review

Hello everyone :) 

I've been shopping with my birthday money again... Lipstick shopping... In MAC... 

I got Impassioned by MAC -obviously- on Sunday and its already a firm favourite.

MAC's Impassioned is an Amplified Creme meaning it will last a long time, have lots of pigmentation and feel moisturizing. Impassioned does not disappoint. It literally glides onto the lips leaving it feeling incredibly moisturized with a semi-glossy finish. I cannot get over how pigmented this product is, I love how opaque the coverage is. This lipstick also lasts an incredibly long time. I got close to about six hours wear with Impassioned. 
 It does leave a stain though as most highly pigmented bright lipsticks do.

I think it looks amazing with my skin even though I am very pale, and it even looks good on my mam who is around NW30 (My mam is very tan, and such a sun lover!)

This lipstick is not for the shy and retiring types, its loud and in your face and the perfect bright colour for daytime or night. You can however, tone it down a dabbing it onto your lips.

If you want a bright, hot pink, this is THE lipstick for you. Definitely check it out.

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Emily x


  1. Love this colour :)great review. definitely going to have to get this.

  2. Wow I love that colour im of to mac on friday so might just have to pick it up ;)


    1. You should do a blog post if you do! I love this colour xxx