Friday, 22 June 2012

Everyday Makeup Storage

Hello everyone, 

Today I wanted to show you my everyday makeup storage. I am always interested in how people store their makeup and I'm always watching these on YT so I thought I would share!

I have always wanted a pretty, little vanity table a bit like the one in the picture below! But it wouldn't go with my decoration in my room :( 

The desk I have now is probably as close as I will ever get to owning something like that :(

But anyway as the title says is my everyday make up, I dont use all these products everyday, but its the ones I tend to switch over on a daily bases. Currently its sitting on my desk, in the corner. The draws fit perfectly on my desk.

 As you can see I have my new mirror on there and a few other bits I tend you use everyday. 
I like having my everyday stuff away from the rest of my makeup as they are my favourite products. 

I also have my Hello Kitty "MAC" brush set on top, you can read my review here.

The draws are from Whsmiths, but I could not find them on their website. I could only find these cupcake draws, which are basically the same just a different pattern. If you are looking for these kind of draws, go have a look inside a store, they have much more stock than the website. 

These are the draws, on top I have some perfume, moisturizer, heat defense stuff and my brushes.

In the two Hello Kitty tins I store bobbles and bobby pins.

These are the three top draws. 
The first draw holds lip products, the second powder products and third mascaras plus eyeliners.

These two are the middle draws.

The left contains face stuff like primers, foundation and concealer.
The right holds pallets and random stuff like my spare razor, my Lush lipscrub, Benefit high beam sample and a few blushes. 

The last draw is the largest and holds a lot of random stuff.

In the black decorated pots are Lush body scrubs and a tinted moisturizer I made the other week.

 It also houses my eyelash curlers, my random samples and two memory sticks - I don't know why they are there o.O 

Closer look of the draws.

The 'handles' are little bits of ribbon.

Close look at the print - so pretty!

I hope you liked my post, if you decide to show your storage, please leave me a link! I would love to read the post <3

Also if you see anything you want a review on just leave me comment!

Emily x
(For the record, I am not bragging here, I just want to show my everyday storage)


  1. i loove the 6 drawer storage box! wheres it from?! xx

    1. W.H Smith, check in a store if you can they have a bigger selection :D xxx

  2. I have these drawers in a blue and pink rose pattern :) they're amazing! x

    1. That print sounds lovely! I really love the draws xxx

  3. Love the drawer! I have been looking for something similar :]

    1. Thanks :) You should have a look, they are really sturdy so they wont break :D xxx

  4. really cute and great idea!! i am certainly going to be trying this!