Thursday, 14 June 2012

Birthday Haul/Review; Fake Mac Hello Kitty Brushes

Hi everyone,

I was trawling through eBay last week when I came across a fake MAC Hello Kitty brush set, now with my love for Hello Kitty and new obsession with MAC I quickly picked them up. Now I know they aren't real, I'm not stupid, but to be honest, I have no qualms about fake products. It's business, and they're trying their best to earn some money. Most of the time the fakes are just as good, or just about as good as the real thing, and for sometimes not even half the price of the real one, you can totally understand why people buy fakes. 

The fake case, the 'leather' is really soft! It is very well made too. 

With that over with, I am really happy with my purchase! As said I bought it on eBay from this seller Goldenbridger365 but they no longer have it up for sale. However you can easily search it on eBay and there is loads of other sellers. I paid £5.30 for these brushes, with free shipping. 

All the brushes came with a protective cover, but I took it off because you couldn't see the brushes properly.
The set comes with 7 brushes;

187SE Stippling brush
190SE Foundation brush

168SE White contour brush

194SE Eye shadow brush / Concealer brush

266SE Angle eyebrow brush
219SE Eye shadow brush
316SE Lip brush

187SE Stippling brush - The brush is so soft, and really dense, I think I am going to use it for my MAC MSF. 

190SE Foundation brush - Again this brush is amazingly soft and dense, I don't normally use a brush for foundation, but I am going to give this ago.

168SE White contour brush - This brush is nice, but not as soft as the others - it is still soft but not uber soft. I will use this for contouring or highlighting.

Next is 194SE Eye shadow brush / Concealer brush - this is a mini version of the foundation brush! Its soft and dense, meaning it can pack on the colour.

266SE Angle eyebrow brush - This brush is a little soft I think for my eyebrows, so I will use it for smudging out eyeliner. Its soft and has a pinky/purple tinge to it.

316SE Lip brush - I wont be using this for my lips as I never have a use for lip brushes, but I think I will use it for applying eye shadow under my water line. 

  219SE Eye shadow brush - Now this is the only brush that is a little scratchy. But once I wash it, I think it will be fine. You can see in the picture that the hairs look very pointy and harsh, but 1/7 crap brushes isnt too bad! 

I have played around with these and so far no shedding, which I am surprised and very pleased with!

Also, these brushes are travel sized, so it is perfect for this coming weekend as I am going away to Stockport for my Uncles wedding. I also think I will keep this set in my bag as it will be perfect for touch ups on the go.

What do you guys think about fake products?
Leave me a comment,

Emily X


  1. Oh I really like these! I don't really mind fakes either, providing they are good quality!
    I think I might pick these up actually :P
    Good find!

    1. They are really good for a fake, & not too expensive either if you don't like them :)I'm happy I found them too :D