Friday, 8 June 2012

Birthday Haul; Topshop VECTRA4 Pink Studded Shoes

Hi Guys! 

Hope your week is going wonderfully so far!  I’ve been doing a  little  LOT shopping this week and its made the week that much more fun :D

If you have read my Unif Hellraisers Post you know I really wanted to buy Unif's Hellraisers, but I couldn't let myself spend that much on one pair of shoes! Plus I think they might get banned if I wore them to six form, they really are sharp! So when I was in Topshop on Thursday I saw the Vectra4 I knew they had to be mine! 

UNIF Hellraisers 
The Topshop Vectra4!

 The Topshop shoes are A LOT safer and cheaper than the Hellraisers which I am very happy about! I still think the Hellraisers look better, but saving over £100, the Vectra4 will do. 

I do also have to say I think the Topshop shoes run small, I had to get a size 8 when normally I am a 7. They size 8's fit fine, but my mam who is a size 8, cant even bare them on her feet they are that tight. 
So just a warning it might be a good idea to try the bigger size...

As I mentioned the studs are less extreme, slightly to my disappointment, but they still look great! 

 The shoes also come in 3 other colours.

Image from Topshop.

Here's the link for the Topshop shoes, for the price and style you can't got wrong!

Leave me a comment!

Emily X 


  1. Just got these in pastel green from Topshop. I was considering getting the pink one, but after much debate i got the pastel green one..however i might go back and get it now :p

    They are so comfy and you're right bout the sizes. I had to get a size bigger as well.

    Hope you've had a good birthday!

    I've followed you :) have a look if you want!

    1. Aww thank you so much! I think I might get the blue pair :D xx

  2. I have these in the nude faux leather finish they also do and I've been wearing them non stop!

    1. I nearly bought them too! I loved the look of those :D Xx

  3. Love them!! The pink ones i'm totally crushing on.
    Love, VLL @