Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review; Benefit "that gal", BADgal lash mascara, and the POREfessional.

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So, just about everyone and their dog have been raving about the free Benefit samples from Glamour this month. Glamour team up with Benefit every year to offer three mini versions of their products, this year they offered Bad Gal Lash mascara, The POREfessional and 'that gal' primer. I picked up all three, because at £2 it's a brilliant offer! I also got a spare one of the BADgal mascara as I ended up loving it!

the POREfessional

PRO balm to minimise the appearance of pores


What Benefit says; "Quickly minimise the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals."

I use this underneath my eyes on the top of my cheeks and near my nose, as I feel those are my problem areas - I have quite large pores there. The primer is coloured beige, but once it is rubbed into the skin it becomes translucent and it did not tint my skin at all.  I found that the oil-free formula worked for me. My skin isn't completely oily but in the places that it is (t-zone) the POREfessional didn't make greasy.

This retails at £23.50 for 22ml of the product, which is ridiculous. For the money you pay, its tiny! However if you bought 3 Glamour magazines for £6, getting 3 primers free you would end up having 22.5ml of product! That means you save £17.50 and get 0.5ml more! 

If you like this primer I suggest running to your newsagents or supermarket and getting the 3 magazines, it is an amazing deal!

Overall, I didn't think it made my makeup stay on longer, just go on smoother. 
I don't think I will be buying the full product or 3 more Glamour mags.

BADgal lash mascara



Benefit says;  "Sexy, sultry, pure unadulterated black mascara for full, voluminous lashes. It's as BAD as you want to be! Famously big, bodacious brush coats lashes with our super black formula."

I’d heard a lot of good things about Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash mascara before and this was on my list of “things to buy”, so I was excited to have a sample to test out before splashing out on the full sized product!

Badgal Lash comes with a pretty massive brush, which if you have read most of my post you would know I love! I absolutely love this mascara! It didn't clump, it separated my lashes, and added volume, everything I'm looking for in a mascara. I definitely would recommend it. The only thing I don't like about it, is that it is a little dry, other than that it's perfection!

I have bought two of these, as you get 4g in the sample size and only 8.5g in the full size! Meaning I spent £4, and basically got the full size saving £12.50

Again such a great deal!

"that gal"

brightening face primer


Benefit says; "Our silky pink primer takes your complexion from dull to darling! Simply blend it on for the look of brighter, smoother skin. Contains light-reflecting pigments to help brighten all skin tones and raspberry & camomile to soothe skin."

I don't really understand what this product does, that others don't. Yes it gives my cheeks a very subtle glow and a slight pink flush that is really pretty, but the same glowy look could easily be accomplished with any cream highlighter or tinted moisturizer. Plus why is this product called a PRIMER if it doesn't PRIME anything? My makeup seemed to wear off faster than it does normally! I don't know if that was just a 'bad' day but god this little thing is expensive!

I'm glad I have the sample in my collection, but alas, I don't think I will be buying this full size or another mini. 

If you did want to buy the full product, it costs £21.50 for 11ml, so buying 2 samples at £4 you receive 15ml of product which is cheaper for more product!

Did you try any of the Benefit samples?
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  1. Porefessional is the bestttt primer!!

    1. Im glad you like it :P I like the MAC prep and prime :) xx

  2. i got porefessional :) id never tried any benefit products before and it worked so well on my skin so i bought another 2! xx

    1. I had only tried a few bits, the offer was sooo good :D Im glad you got the deal xx

  3. i lveo teh porefessional, i bought the original one and then when i saw they were giving hehse away i stocked up on some mini ones as they are great for an overnight make up bag :)

    Great reviews :)


    1. Thank you :)

      They are! There a good size sample xxx

  4. Good review! I really wanted to try the "that gal" primer but all the mixed reviews seem to be putting me off. The mascara looks good though! :)