Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review; Cucumber Collagen Mask

 Hello lovelies! 

This post is very over due, as I won this mask on the 28th of May, almost a month ago! 

I won this from LolaStar Hearts.

I love face masks but I have never tried this sheet one, so when I won it I was super happy! It is the first thing I have ever won :D It says it's 100% pulp and can feel the product being 'gel-like' inside the pouch. 

I didn't try this mask as straight away as I was saving it for a day when my skin felt really dry, as it says "the cucumber is ideal to restore the skin after UV exposure and create a cooling effect" it sounded like it would be perfect for dry itchy skin.

But for the past 2 days my boyfriend Ross had been suffering from itchy, sore, puffy, runny and tight eyes, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test this mask out! He tried this mask today, with a little 
persuasion, and you can totally see the difference!

 So since I cant review it, I thought he could! :D

"Emily forced me against my will to use it. I guess it wasn't too bad, i had really sore eyes from my Hay-fever, and it was pretty cooling. She tricked me into saying she would tear small pieces off just for underneath my eyes, but then she plastered it all over my face. Luckily she ripped it around my beard otherwise it could have been difficult to remove the watery bits, i guess they didn't think many men would be using this though, or bearded women...

So, although i was forced against my will and tricked into using it, i think it did a pretty good job at cooling my face, which was great after my Hay-Fever was acting up really bad. My skin feels nice i suppose, although my ego took a hit." -Ross

I sneaked a photo of him with it on! 

Ross' eyes seem to have reduced in puffiness and itchiness, and he is complaining less so thank god!! Haha! Also his skin is really soft and moisturized, especially around his eyes and nose.  

I'm really pleased with this mask, and so is Ross. I think in the future I may be buying more.

If you suffer from hay-fever what kind of products do you use to cool your eyes? Ross takes tablets, but his reaction is really bad and often seem like they do nothing :( 

Leave me a comment! 

Emily x