Friday, 31 August 2012

eBay Wants.

Hello everyone!

I'm sure if you've read my blog before you would probably know that I LOVE eBay! When I can't sleep or when I'm bored one of the things I do is add things to my ever growing wish list, so today I thought I would share some of the jewellery I have been eyeing up!

eBay is a great way to find unique and cheap jewellery and is the only place I ever buy it from -well apart from Primark.

These 6 items have been on my wishlist for a week or so, and I just think they are adorable! They all also come with free shipping which is great.

What have you been wanting from eBay?

Leave me a comment,

Emily x


  1. Love the skull bracelet and the castle ring :)

    so cute!


  2. Ah! I really love the stag bracelet and skull bracelet. What seller had these? I would love to get them myself.

    I hope you are well!!

    <3 Rubiiee

    1. If you click on the name under the photo it will take you to the seller :D

      Thank you, I hope you are well too :D xx

  3. great blog i also really want the skull bracelet & i already got the cross ring from ebay:P x