Saturday, 18 August 2012

Love Hearts Orange Fizz Eau de Toilette Review

Fizzy orange lollies.

Do you guys remember those lollies that had the sherbet in?  That really is what this perfume smells like, literally fizzy orange. It is delicious!

The fragrance is clearly orange, but something that I think will be a love/hate smell. It is super sweet and really strong when you first apply it, but wears down to a subtle fragrance after an hour or so.

I am really impressed how the makers have captured the 'fizzy' smell, it really smells exactly the same and makes my mouth water.

The perfume is classed as a 'child' perfume in my mind as it is a very young fragrance with not a hint of maturity. This however will not stop me wearing it as I am such a sweet fragrance girl - plus a child at heart ;)

The fragrance is part of a collection which has 4 or 5 other scents.

This perfume is really cheap and can be found online for £2.50 or in Boots for around £4, but definitely worth the money.

I really recommend you check this out if you love sweet candy smells!

Have you tried this?

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Emily x


  1. I imagine this would be something id love, as i love those fruity/sweet smells - definitely have to go check this out even if its just to smell it haha!
    Natalie xx

  2. Oh I love the orange smell!
    And your perfume is so adorable! That's a good choice for summer!

  3. I received the jelly belly collection for my birthday and they are really fruity and cute also but one of the most fun things is that you can mix the scents to create new ones - like jam. It's such a novelty <3.

    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey. xx

    1. Ive seen the jelly bean set around and have been really interested in them! I might check them out :D xx

  4. I love the Strawberry one of these... really sweet but smells so good :)