Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lush Tea Tree Water Review

Hey guys,

I'm going to review Lush's  Tea Tree Water in today's post. I've been using this since last July and it has become a total staple in my skin care routine!

Every night I remove my make up with a make up wipe then wash my face with a face wash, then spray this on to my face. I usually use about 4 pumps to cover my entire face, then leave it to soak in! The toner is mild and just feels like water applied to your face., which when soaked in leaves my skin soft and refreshed. I also use this in the morning after my shower  as it makes anything applied on top of it like my moisturiser and primer just glide on and is absorbed faster and generally looks better. I would also like to note that this hasn't dried out my skin at all, which is a huge relief as I was super concerned that it would leave me dry and patchy. 

This toner makes my skin feel so healthy and clean, and whilst it hasn't cured my skin completely of the spots and blemishes, it has made a difference to my pores and the overall appearance of my skin. 

The only downside to this is that I feel apprehensive every time I use it! Squirting something right at your face just feels wrong and still alarms me a year after using it! I end up wincing every time I squirt the toner out! Other than that I don't see any negatives with this product. 

You can buy the Tea Tree Water from Lush in store or online, it costs £7 for 250g or £3 for 100g.

I have a question for you guys, do you use toners? What do you use?

Leave me a comment with your answer!

Emily X


  1. definitely gunna get some of this! X

    1. You should ask for a sample :D x

  2. I bought this recently too and love it, its the best toner I've tried
    : ]

    1. That's great! :D I love it too :) xx