Friday, 31 August 2012

eBay Wants.

Hello everyone!

I'm sure if you've read my blog before you would probably know that I LOVE eBay! When I can't sleep or when I'm bored one of the things I do is add things to my ever growing wish list, so today I thought I would share some of the jewellery I have been eyeing up!

eBay is a great way to find unique and cheap jewellery and is the only place I ever buy it from -well apart from Primark.

These 6 items have been on my wishlist for a week or so, and I just think they are adorable! They all also come with free shipping which is great.

What have you been wanting from eBay?

Leave me a comment,

Emily x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Surgery Updated

*Warning pictures of toes and wounds are shown in this post*

Hey guys,

So since I got quite good feedback from my other post about my surgery, I decided to do an update post.

It's almost been a week since I had part of my toe nails removed, and they are healing so well. I got them done last Thursday, and now on the Wednesday I'm allowed to take my bandages off! The wounds feels like they are knitting together nicely, and I hardly have any pain.

The sticky material is on there to help bind my skin and help the healing process. 

The only pain I am getting is when I try to wear socks when the rest of my feet are cold or when my duvet is on my feet. The pressure is far to painful as it squeezed my wounds. 

However I haven't tried wearing normal shoes, and have been advised to wear flip flops for another 5 weeks to make sure there is no chance of my nails been infected or squashed. 

This is what my toes look like now. They are still swollen, and awkward to walk on, but I have no pain like I did before the operation. I am really pleased and can't wait until they are back to normal!

If anyone has any questions, please ask :)

Leave me a comment,

Emily x

Depotting Eyeshadows!

 Hello lovelies,

In my last post I told you I had got a palette to put all my MUA shadows in, well I bought 4 more to add in as my other ones were looking a bit grubby. So here’s how you do it;

You'll Need:

Hair Straighteners
Tin Foil
A knife

How to do it:

Step 1: Get your straighteners and put them on full heat, then lay the tin foil on to the bottom plate.

Step 2: Then place the eyeshadow on top of the foil, like shown below, and make sure you leave the lid away from the heat. A lot of people use candles to melt the glue but I decided to use my straightener as it doesn't smell as strong of melting plastic. 

Step 3: Leave the eyeshadow for roughly 2 minutes, but keep checking on it to make sure the plastic isn't melting.

Step 4: After a few minutes the glue would have melted so you can slip a knife under the pan and slowly lift the eyeshadow up. Be very careful when you take the pan out of the plastic container as it will be very hot and you really don’t want to burn your fingers. 

And that’s pretty much it, all you need to do now is pop it into your palette. 

So here's the four eyeshadows I depotted:

I hope you enjoyed my post, if you have any questions let me know!

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Emily x

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

MAC Rebel Lipstick

 Hey guys,

This lipstick is my most recent purchase from MAC. I originally talked myself out of getting it because I really didn't need another lipstick, but I've had a really shit week and I was feeling down so I thought "Why the hell not?" and picked it up.

I was actually eyeing Cyber and Media, but Cyber wasn't the exact colour I wanted although it was very pretty and Media just felt too brown and flat, it looked horrible on me. Rebel is a really complex shade, in the bullet it look like a ribena colour but with one swipe gives off a sexy berry stain.

Rebel is a satin finish, and as with all MAC satin lipsticks this wears well and still feels nice and smooth to put on. The lipstick is full coverage with a tiny bit of sheen, but no shimmer or sparkle. I really love the finish of Rebel.

I found this lipstick is really long wearing, lasting up to 4/5 with out a touch up! It also leaves a pretty stain on the lips which I find helps reduce the look of patchy lips when the lipstick does wear off.

This is just one light swipe of the lipstick

Personally I find it very pretty on me as it really brings the blue out in my eyes, but also very flattering on my mam who is tan, with a warm golden bronze skin colour. I could see this being a shade that any skintone can wear, it has enough purple to be edgy but enough red to remain flattering.

My Lips

My mams lips - The colour had been on 3 hours when this was took.

The shade is very obvious and in your face, so only try this if that's the kinda thing you're looking for. I would highly recommend and will definitely repurchase. 

My next purchase from MAC will probably be Chatter Box or Cyber!

What's your favourite MAC lipstick?

Leave me a comment,

Emily x

Monday, 27 August 2012

eBay Pallette

Hey guys,

I don't know about you but I have a a few single eye shadows floating around in my collection, and never go to use them as I always just use palettes for quickness. So when I was searching eBay I found this palette, and quickly bought it.

Each slot holds a pan of 36cm size, 4mm height perfect for the MUA eye shadows! The palette is strong and sturdy and Im so glad I bought it! It was only only £2.53 with free shipping too :D

The seller I bought from was sinedy and the item is; 10 PCS 36mm Empty Eyeshadow Aluminum Pans with Palette

The original pans just pop out of the palette 

So yep! My next post will be how I depotted my eye shadows and how I put them into the pallete.

Leave me a comment,

Emily x

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Lush Haul.

Hello my lovely readers,

If you read my last post about my surgery here, then you would know Im in need of a bit TLC ;)

My lovely boyfriend treated me to some Lush goodies so I thought I would share and do a haul, as I know we all love Lush!

The Comforter £4.25
Dragons Egg £3.20
Creamy Candy £2.50
Bubble Gum Lipscrub £5.25

I love all of these products and will probably end up doing reviews :)

What's your favourite Lush product?

Leave me a comment,

Emily x

Friday, 24 August 2012

My Surgery.

Hey guys,

So if you follow me on twitter you will know I had surgery on my big toes. I have a problem with my nails that they are too big for my toes and they dig in and become swollen and sore, so last Thursday I got surgery to remove part of my nail on both of my toes.

The surgery its self was so painful, I mean I got a local aesthetic and bloody hurt so much! I had two big injections on both of my toes, which stung like a bitch, then the fluid felt like it was burning my toes from the inside - I really never want to experience that again! Then after all of that I could still feel things on my left toe! Tbh I was almost in tears, it was awful. Really awful.

Basically this happens;

 But I had this operation on both sides on my toes, on both big toes. So currently they look like this;

My poor toes!

 24 hours later they are swollen, sore and tender, making it really hard to walk. I have to walk like a penguin on the heels of my feet making me really unbalanced and comic like.

Ugh - the worst part? 
I will be like this for 6 to 8 weeks! Only being able to wear flip flops, even in the rain D:

So yep I thought I would update you guys since my posts have been a little all over the place!

But leave me a comment,

Emily X

Expensive Wishlist!

Hey girls,

Its wishlist time again, but this one is very expensive! I've been eyeing these up for awhile now but the price tags always put me off!

If anyone has any dupes leave me a comment! :D

Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder - £23.50 
Benefit Brow Zing - £22.50
Benefit Dandelion - £23.50
Benefit Hervana - £23.50
MAC Rebel Lipstick - £14.00
MAC Cyber Lipstick - £14.00
MAC Up The Amp Lipstick - £14.00

All these products would cost £135 :O Which for me is ridiculous!

I think of all the products, I might pick up MAC's rebel as I really love it! Other than that, the rest are very expensive products.

Oh well! What's on your wishlist?

Leave me a comment,

Emily x 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Top 5 Things For Under £10

Hey ladies,

Today I will be showing you my "Top 5 Things For Under £10" 

I wont ramble on as the title explains it all, so lets just get started :D

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation - £9.99 
(I don't have this in my collection atm, as I haven't repurchased it yet, so that's why it isn't photographed!)

I love this foundation as it was my first one and it saved me from the dreaded teenage tango, orange face syndrome - which I am extemly grateful for! I'm as pale as they come and I had been searching every where for a foundation that was light enough. Really to the point that I didn't care how much it cost as long as it matched my skin, so when I found this it was pretty much a small miracle

This foundation is really creamy and doesn't have pink or yellow under tones, making it a really neutral colour. Which is perfect as sometimes I find pink ones leave me looking red and flushed, while yellow ones make me look like I have jaundice. The foundation is lovely to blend, very smooth and creamy without been too sticky or watery. I would say this foundation is verging on the full coverage. You can read my foundations comparison here.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara - £7.99

This is fastly become one of my favouite mascaras ever! It makes my lashes look definitely fuller and longer, as well as defining each lash. I have wrote a review on this mascara here!

Revlon Matte Lipstick in 002 Pink Pout - £7.49

Im pretty sure by now most people know that Revlon lipsticks are amazing for the cost, but Pink Pout is beyond that! Pink Pout is a pale light pink with mauve undertones. Its a matte lipstick which I love as I'm not too crazy over glossy lipsticks and is a dupe for MAC's Snob lipstick. You can see an comparison here.

Barbara Daly Tweezers - £6

I've got a post raving about these so I wont repeat myself but wow! These are so good! You get 3 pairs of tweezers in the set all ranging in shape, perfect for different areas. The tweezers are all really sharp and precise, and for £6 you really cant go wrong! You can read my post here.

Sleek Blush by 3 - £10

I don't technically own the 3 blush pallet but own the single ones, but I couldn't not put this on my list. Sleek makes amazing quality products, the pigmentation is wonderful and the texture is lovely, soft and easy to blend. I really suggest you check these out, because I know these are on my to buy list! I have a review of one of the Sleek blush here.

Do you like my picks? What would you choose?

Leave me a comment,

Emily x

Monday, 20 August 2012

Tangoed Time; Garnier B.B. Cream Miracle Skin Perfector

Hey girls!

Recently I ordered a sample of the Garnier B.B. Cream Miracle Skin Perfector and honestly I was so disappointed.

 If you haven't been heard of a B.B cream it stands for blemish balm, it is sort of the middle ground between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation, but supposedly better for your skin. They normally contain ingredients to provide anti aging, whiting, soothing, healing or repairing qualities. They first became popular in Asia but are now sold by a lot of 'drugstore' brands. 

First off the Garnier sample is a really good amount, you get 3 full packets with enough product in them to cover all of your face. So that is pretty good, the only positive I can think of!

The smell of this B.B cream is pretty good, fruity almost which I found really pleasant but I think it is too strong of a fragrance for a face product. I can see it being a problem on sensitive skin as it already slightly irritated my cheeks a little bit as I was applying the product and my skin isn't particularly sensitive.

Next I was completely confused at the colour of this B.B cream - I mean its called light but looks orange! It is way to dark and orange to be anywhere near the colour light, for me this shade would be more suited to someone with a mid-tone warm skin colour. Even after my initial "oh my this is orange" reaction I applied it to my face to see if the colour would look different - it didn't. It left me looking orange and greasy -hence no pictures- and gave me a beautiful orange face and jaw with a pale neck. No one, and I mean no one looks good like that, I washed it off in about 0.3 of a second, so luckily no one could laugh at me and my Oompa Loompa appearance.

Going back to the greasy feeling I had, the product is really thick.  It feels tacky on the skin and makes my skin feel like it can't breathe. Its just nasty and I dont like it.

So yeah, overall you can probably tell I do not like this at all and will not be purchasing it at all.

Have you had a different experience with this? 

Leave me a comment,

Emily x

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Love Hearts Orange Fizz Eau de Toilette Review

Fizzy orange lollies.

Do you guys remember those lollies that had the sherbet in?  That really is what this perfume smells like, literally fizzy orange. It is delicious!

The fragrance is clearly orange, but something that I think will be a love/hate smell. It is super sweet and really strong when you first apply it, but wears down to a subtle fragrance after an hour or so.

I am really impressed how the makers have captured the 'fizzy' smell, it really smells exactly the same and makes my mouth water.

The perfume is classed as a 'child' perfume in my mind as it is a very young fragrance with not a hint of maturity. This however will not stop me wearing it as I am such a sweet fragrance girl - plus a child at heart ;)

The fragrance is part of a collection which has 4 or 5 other scents.

This perfume is really cheap and can be found online for £2.50 or in Boots for around £4, but definitely worth the money.

I really recommend you check this out if you love sweet candy smells!

Have you tried this?

Leave me a comment,

Emily x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Top 5 Things For Under A Fiver

Hey guys,

I saw Miss Budget Beauty do a video on her top 5 products for under a £5 so I decided to do my version. I think this is a great idea as I know most of us don't have a lot to spend on cosmetics and beauty in general, so it's good to see what other people really rate. 

You can see Miss Budget Beauty video here!

EcoTools 5 Piece Brush Set from eBay -£3.49
These have literally been one of my best buys, I pretty much use these everyday as they are great for touch ups midday. They are small enough to easily fit into your bag but big enough not to get lost. You can read my review here.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - £4.99
This was the first mascara I have ever purchased and I still love it. It lengthens, volumizes, curls, and adds definition which makes my lashes look absolutely stunning, but still natural. It also never clumps. The packaging is also really cute and bright which I like. Maybelline also does a lot of different brushes but I've only tried the normal one. Overall this is a really great product and it's not that expensive, so you should try it!

Carmex Tube Cherry - £2.59
I love how soft the Carmex lip balm makes my lips feel, it isn't sticky and doesn't leave any gunky residues or greasy feeling on my lips. It also has a fairly good staying power. You can read my review here.

I couldn't find my last two products so here's them off googles images.

MUA Matte Eyeshadow Shade 19 (in fact any of there eyeshadow colours) - £1
I use this everyday to fill in my brows and I don’t know what I would do with out it. It is a matt brown colour that goes with my hair without looking too dark or light. Really all the MUA eyeshadows are amazing for the price.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Powder - £1.99/2.99
This is another product I use pretty much everyday. I have bought many other powders which normally end up being too orange or dark, but when I apply this to my skin but it's perfect. You can read my review here.

I hoped you liked my post, and if you decide to do one like it leave me a link, I would love to read it <3

Leave me a comment too as I love reading and responding to them,

Emily x

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

DIY; Lipstick Storage Box

Hey everyone,

If you have seen my 'Everyday Make-up Storage' post then you would see that I used to keep most of my lipsticks in one of the little draws, but my collection grew and soon I had to many to fit.  So I decided to put my most used lippies into a cute little box on my dressing table.

I just used a old watch box, then measured the width of the box and stuck a pattern of MAC lipsticks on. It was really simple but I think looks super cute!

Have you made anything like this?

Leave me a comment,

Emily x

Monday, 13 August 2012

Haul; Hair Care, Body Care and Shoes!

Hi everyone,

I went shopping on the weekend with my boyfriend and picked a few things out!

First I got some more Herbal Essences things. I picked up the Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner, two Hello Hydration intensive masks and then a Smooth and Soft hair mask too. You can read a review on the Smooth and Soft mask here :)

Next I picked up some hair dye, I decided to get the Schwarzkopf Colour Xxl Shake It Up Colour Foam as it looks pretty interesting -I just hope its not too messy! I got the colour 'Black Velvet Crush' as I have black hair and my roots need doing. I will be doing a review on this when I get round to doing my hair, if you have uses this leave me a comment telling me whether you found it messy!

I then got another bottle of Vanilla Dee-Lite from Lush. I just got the small one as it takes me a very long time to use it all up. Vanilla Dee-Lite smells like vanilla and coconut yoghurt, it isn't as thick as a body butter as it's more watery. I was going to pick up Vanillary solid perfume but Lush was out of stock!

 I then went to Matalan and got these shoes! I really have been loving Matalans shoes recently, there was about 8 pairs that I could have bought, but alas I couldn't afford them all! 

I settled for these cranberry coloured Chelsea Boots, as I can't wait until autumn and winter. They came in a few different colours and are were only £16! They are made from a suede material so not good for wet weather but I couldn't leave with out them -here's the link :)

So that's my little haul! 

Have you bought anything in the past few days?

Leave me a comment!

Emily x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

17 Photo Flawless Primer Review

Hi everyone,

I have another review for you today, and this time it is 17's Photo Flawless Primer.

Now this has been my go to primer for a long time, on and off for around a year I think! I have bought quite a few tubes of the primer as I do really like it.

You can get this for £4.99 from Boots 

Now 17 claims that the primer will "not only will it ensure your make-up is even by minimising pores, it will create the perfect canvas for your foundation allowing it to glide on seamlessly.”

The formulation is silky and smooth, which I think must contain silicone, although I can't find any ingredients online so I cannot be 100% sure! The product blends into the skin so easily and settles within a few seconds leaving you with velvety skin, which I think matches the description of the product. My make-up I feel does lasts longer when I use this too. Normally I have to touch up midday but I can push it a few hours longer using the primer. 

Now the only thing that I think doesn't live up to the claim is the pore minimising as I don't think this primer does that at all. I mean I don't think I have large pores, but I still don't see any difference in the size of them. So if that is the main reason you are thinking of trying this, I would probably skip it!

I also have a small issue with the tube. The tube is squeezable, meaning it lets air in when product is squeezed out, which then causes the primer to fly out when you next use it. It literally explodes out of the tube when you put a tiny bit of pressure on it! This can be solved by depotting it, but tbh I would rather not need to do that!

So yeah, I really like how it makes my skin feel and how it makes my make-up last longer, just not the tube. Plus for the money, I think it is very good!

I think I am going to try Revlons primer next, as I have heard good things about it :)
Have you tried this? 
Which primers do you recommend?

Leave me a comment,

Emily x

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Top 6 Songs Of The Moment

Hi everyone!

Today's post will be slightly different from my normal beauty related stuff, as I have decided to show you my 'Top 6 Songs Of The Moment.' Now I know its not something you might be interested in, but music can reveal a lot about a person -their style, fashion, personality, you get the idea- so I think it more of a 'get to now me' post.

My most listened to song for a few months now has been Korn - Get Up. I know this wont be most of my viewers kind of music but hey, its mine. Oh, also this song is explicit. 

Next is from my favourite band ever 30 Seconds To Mars - Kings and Queens. This has been a long time favourite of mine, since it came out really. This just speaks to me, and I love it.

My next two are from the band Rise Against - Saviour and Prayer Of The Refugee. I really love both of these songs.

The next is  Alpha Dog by Fall Out Boy - I know some people are very snobby about this band, but I like 'um!

Lastly is Katy Perry's The One That Got Away. I know this is very different from the others, but I think this song is really good.

I hope you like my choices, and if you decide to do this kinda post leave me a link below!

What song have you been loving?

Leave me a comment,

Emily x

*not all the video links are to the official videos, as when I added them to the post Blogger said they were too big :/ *