Tuesday, 24 July 2012

NYX Round Lipstick Haul & Swatches

Hey girls :)

Since getting my other NYX Round Lipstick and really liking them I decided to buy some more! I ordered on eBay and got 3 plus the free one the Lady forgot to include in my other order.

The texture off all the lipsticks are smooth and glides on the lips very easily, the finish is between matte and glossy. It depends on the shade you get. I love the pigmentation of these because only one swipe can give the right colour, the lasting power however is somewhat poor, only lasting around 3 hours so a reapply is a must! 

(L-R) I got the shades; Spell Bound, Gardenia, Femme and Paris

Spell Bound is is a dark but bright pink colour, somewhat like a mauve strawberry. It is a creamy lipstick; not glossy nor matte. 

Gardenia is a darker hot pink that's shimmery, but looks browny on me. I'm not a fan of this colour at all, and I regret buying it. 

Femme on the other hand is a beautiful colour, its a bright orange-coral with a satin finish. Its a very opaque colour that for me is very wearable. If you are a shy person with lipstick colours stay well away from this.

Paris is a blue-toned and almost a purple-ish pink, compared to powder is it more pink and is a little darker. I would still say it is a lavender lipstick though. 

Spell Bound, Gardenia, Femme and Paris

Over all I really love the colours I got, except Gardenia. They did melt a little in the post, so when I twist the lipstick up a small piece catches on the tube. This doesn't really bother me buts its worth mentioning it, as if you decided to buy some online the chances are it might happen. 

The lady who I ordered off has removed her account, so I cant link you but lots of people sell NYX on eBay!
Have you heard about nyx? 
Have you tried any of their products? 

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Emily x


  1. Gardenia is very pretty! I have a few NYX lipsticks and I love them! So good for such a cheap price!

    1. I love them too! Unfortunately I really hate Gardenia :( Its soo brown on me xx

  2. I really like Paris! I've been meaning to try these for a while, might make a NYX order sometime soon :p xx


  3. Loving Femme, I'm always attracted to the really bright colours!

    Lea x


  4. nice selection of colours! x

  5. i have Paris and love it!! one of my faves!!