Friday, 20 July 2012

Face Wash Series; Witch Oil Control Foaming Face Wash

Hey guys!

I'm here with another instalment of my face wash series, today I will be reviewing the Witch Oil Control Foaming face wash.

Firstly I love the packaging. It’s a simple plastic bottle with a pump nozzle, which allows the perfect amount of product out. The pump feels sturdy and is also very hygienic as no bacteria will be getting into the bottle. 

The formula is a little different to your normal wash. It is dispensed as a very light weight mousse, lighter than shaving cream or hair mousse. I like the foam as its different and simple to use. Just pump the wash out into your hand, massage around your face, and rinse.

The smell is another thing I like as the antiseptic smells of witch hazel, tea tree, eucalyptus make me think its killing all the bacteria and cleaning my skin. 

Although I have combination skin, this product works really well. I find that this product does in fact reduce the oiliness of my t zone but without drying out my skin. It also gets rid of any acne breakouts I have. The dry areas haven't become irritated or drier, but I do use a very moisturising cream afterwards. 

Overall I think this product is great from acne prone skin as well as combination and oily skin people.

Have you tired it?

Emily X

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