Sunday, 1 July 2012

Review; eBay's 4in1 Facial Cleaning Set Facial Cleaner Face Care

Hey guys!

If you read my wishlist, here, you would have seen the '4in1 Facial Cleaning Set Facial Cleaner Face Care' tool on my list, well as you can probably tell I bought it! It came a few days ago and only took about 2 weeks to get to England from China, which isn't too bad for free shipping! I bought mine from this seller; friendshop852, the customer service was great and they kept you up to date on where your order was. 

I bought it for £2.65 and like I said, it had free postage & packaging, here is the link to the exact brush; link

First, the exfoliator comes with 3 types of brush heads: 
- A bristle brush used for the face for exfoliation
- A sponge used for the face for cleansing 
- 2 "polish" heads for removing hard skin, mainly for your feet

Personally I just use the bristle head on my face, the sponge doesn't seem to do anything!

How I use it;

I put a small amount of my cleanser on to my face, then use the brush head to exfoliate dead skin cells and any dirt. I don't use the exfoliator for very long on one specific area as sometimes it can make my skin a little red. Once Im done I apply my moisturiser and *ta-da* smooth soft skin!

 The exfoliator is battery powered. Personally, I prefer to replace batteries rather than worry about recharging my brush before I can use it. In my opinion batteries are also easier for travel too.

Also, I would like to note, that this exfoliator actually spins instead of vibrating like the Clarisonic.  I personally haven't used a Clarisonic so I cant comment if it is better or worse. The spinning makes it feel like it is actually working my cleanser into my face, which I really like. However I would suggest keeping it well away from your eyes and underneath them as it feel so strange when those areas get 'spun'.

The tool has two settings for rotation, the white button moves up and down to control the speed. The low is enough for me, as I find I go red if I used the high on my cheeks. However I do use the high on my jaw line and it is fine there.

One thing I don't like is that the brush is not waterproof, meaning I cant use it in the shower. Now it is splash proof, but I don't want to risk it, I instead use it over the sink. The splash back from the tool is minimal, meaning cleanser won't go everywhere.

Overall, I would say the product is great for those looking for an affordable face and body cleansing tool. I love my '4in1 Facial Cleaning Set Facial Cleaner Face Care' tool and I have seen a huge difference in my skin. This was definitely a great purchase and I’m glad I found it before I purchased the Clarisonic. I didn’t see the point of spending 58 times as much when I could try this for under £3!

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Emily X


  1. I think I have one of these somewhere and I might just have to dig it out again, can't remember why I stopped using it. Thanks for the review and inspiration to try it again :)

    1. No problem! Ahaha :D Thanks for the comment xxx

  2. I have the Olay brush, which I really like I got it at the BX for $20 instead of the $34 in the store. Sometime you can find deals online for cheaper. Unfortunately there is only one brush head available, but it has been great on my skin.


    1. I cant find it online at all, plus they dont sell them in UK shops :( xxx