Friday, 13 July 2012

Review; The Body Shop's Chocomania Body Butter

Hey guys!

I have a product to show you today, that I actually can't get enough off! It's the Body Shop's Chocomania body butter and I love it. I hardly go to Body Shop because I think they can be pricey and I really prefer to go to Lush, but I am a big fan of their body butters! So when I heard The Body Shop was coming out with a chocolate range I was really looking forward to trying it, but I just hadn't until now.

So when I went in the other day I ran over and inhaled a massive breath of the chocolaty goodness, and oh my god, it smells incredible! Like real chocolate chip cookies. This really sealed the deal for me and I cant stop smelling it. Truth be told, I have almost tasted it twice, but stopped as I had to remind myself it is a body butter not food! Ahaha :P

It's a chocolate lover's heaven.

I ended up buying the small £5 50ml version as I already have two other big ones open, and it takes awhile for me to use them up.

The packaging is also adorable on this product. It looks luxurious and obviously chocolate like. Although chocolate isn't a normal 'summer' scent I will be using this all 'summer' as it is divine! I think as soon as our true autumn comes I will be buying the big one, and applying it every night!

*I say 'summer' more like winter! Newcastle right now feels more like November then July! Where is our sun?!!*

The texture like all Body Shop body butters is creamy and smooth and it spreads like a dream onto the skin. It also gets absorbed very fast which I love as I hate feeling greasy or sticky. 

 In the range there's a body butter, body scrub, shower gel, soap and lip butter. Which all smell soooooo good!

Have you tried/smelled this range? 

Leave me a comment, 

Emily x


  1. I've smelled them and I have used the shower gel from TBS and it smells so delicious, but not like chocolate really.
    Miss K.

    1. To me it smells like chocolate chip cookies! X

  2. I might have to try this range x