Tuesday, 10 July 2012

MAC Dupe; Revlon Matte Lipstick in 002 Pink Pout

Hello everyone, 

I feel being pale is hard - especially when trying to find a foundation or a 'nude' lipstick! So when I fell in love with MAC's Snob lipstick I decided to look for a similar 'drugstore' version, as I know we all can't afford MAC.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 002 Pink Pout

Well I got one, and a bloody good one at that! I was browsing the web for reviews on other dupes when I came across a blog -I can't remember who's- and it said  Revlon's Pink Pout was a dupe for Snob, so off I ran to Boots and picked it straight up!

The packaging, although different, looks sleek and professional

What Revlon says; "Revlon® Matte Lipstick gives suede-like application and maximum colour. Rich matte colour glides effortlessly across lips. Suede-like cushion without drying."

Snob is the top
Pink Pout is the bottom

Side by side the colours look identical

Pink Pout is a very "me" shade, a pale light pink with mauve undertones -just like Snob! Its a matte lipstick which I love as I'm not too crazy over glossy lipsticks. The lasting time is pretty good too, I feel you have reapply around 2/3 times but that's normal and happens with Snob anyway. The price of this lipstick was £7.49 in Boots, which is still pricey for a 'drugstore' lippy, but still well cheaper than Snob at £13.50. Plus it's 3 for 2 on Revlon in Boots so I highly recommend you add this product into your chosen 3!

The Revlon lippy looks huge in comparison

I feel this colour is perfect for pale skin as it's a neutral mauve shade rather than a beige/neutral so it adds a bit of colour to your face, its a 'my lips but better' colour for me!

Pink Pout is at the top, Snob is the bottom
On this swatch Pink Pout looks slightly yellowish, however on the lips you cannot tell!

I can not find fault with this lipstick at all, I think it's so wonderful and such a good dupe! The colour goes with everything and is my everyday lipstick. I highly recommend buying this if you are pale and are looking for a pretty pale mauvey lippy. I highly recommend trying out the Revlon matte lipsticks!

Do you think Revlon lipsticks are a dupe for MAC ones? Do you have any dupes?

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Emily x


  1. I have this and I love the colour on me, it is quite drying on me though so I have to make sure I exfoliate my lips before hand. I'm really liking Revlon just now, they are my fave high street brand :) x

    1. I am loving Revlon right now, Im going to check some more colours out :D X

  2. Love this color! So pretty xo

    1. I know! And very much like Snob xx

  3. wow great dupe!!! snob is one of my fave mac colours as i also am veryyyy pale and this looks almost identical! Cant wait to try it out :) xxx

    1. Thank you! I hope it works for you :D xx