Saturday, 14 July 2012

Face Wash Series; Lush CoalFace Cleanser

Hey Guys,

Im sure I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that I love Lush, I like to try their range by getting samples when I buy sometime and that's how I found out about the wonderful Coalface. 

Coalface - the beautiful charcoal grey bar of loveliness makes your face squeaky clean! 

Lush says; "Coalface includes liquorice infusion for softening and charcoal which absorbs grease and gently exfoliates the skin" 

I started to use this last summer when my face was super oily and it really, really did help! After using this product for a few months, my face had become clearer and I noticed less oil was being produced. However as I mention in other posts my skin is crazy, so once my skin started to become dryer in the autumn/winter I had to stop using it as it was too drying :( 

The soap lathers easy, into a bubbly cream which when rubbed on to your face is refreshing and cleansing. There is also tiny grains of real coal that gently exfoliate as you wash, which creates a fresh contrast with the soft lather. You can feel your face becoming clean and soft, but not tight and dry as you rinse it off, 

The smell of Coalface is quite strong. It smells to me like liquorice, which I normally hate, but in this instance love! Its really unique as it is sweet but also has the 'generic Lush' smell. I could see this either being a love or hate type of smell. 

Since the wash comes as one big chunk, I cut mine into smaller chunks and use them one at a time. I store the remaining pieces in a Lush massage bar tin to stop them from melting in the heat of the shower. You could just store them in another room or in a plastic bag. 

Overall, I would really recommend Coalface for normal to oily skinned people. I would also suggest asking a Lush employee to give you a sample before buying a full slice to make sure it works for you! 

Have you tried Lush's Coalface? 

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Emily X


  1. I've used this before and it was wayy to drying so i started using it every other day because it really did help clear my skin up. I recently purchsed Dark Angels which they said was like Coal Face but has some oil in it so it's not as drying. I got just one petal of this and its lasted me foreveeeer!

    1. Like I said when my skin changed I couldn't use this any more D: I have tried Dark Angels but tbh I wasn't the biggest fan! Mine has lasted me forever too :) x