Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review; Fake MAC 182 Buffer Brush

Hey guys,

I have another FAKE MAC brush review for you today! I wanted to get the MAC 182 for a long time but it seemed soo expensive for a brush. So I hopped on eBay to find a cheaper alternative for it, I ended up buying a "MAC" 182 buffer brush from eBay a few weeks ago and it came on last Friday, and so far I'm really impressed!

The real MAC brush costs £32.50, but I paid £2.49 for my bush, which is actually less than the £2.50 change added onto the real MAC version!!

The brush is densely packed and feels luxuriously soft. For a fake brush, the softness is so impressive as I know from experience 'real' brushes can be super scratchy - I'm talking about you Bourjois Kabuki!

Although the bristles are dense, it's not too dense for applying setting powder. I still get a light coverage and it doesn't give me a cakey finish. I also use it to blend any harsh lines between my blush and bronzer to soften my look. 

The brush has "MAC 182" printed on it in silver.  

You also get a cute little case with the brush, which by itself I would pay more than £3 for! The case is soft and is made from high quality fake leather. It is embossed with "MAC" which I think is a nice little detail. The zip ad stitching are perfect and of a very high quality too. 

As you could probably tell already I don't regret buying it one bit, and have nothing but praise for the poor man's "MAC" brush! 

I got it from this seller, however they no longer have it listed so just search eBay if your interested!

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Do you own the real version? Or are you interested in the fake?

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Emily X


  1. oooh i loveeee this!! want one!

    1. You should get it! You wont regret it <3

  2. Loved the Hello Kitty review you did, and I love this one too! It just goes to show that fake doesn't mean bad, just cheaper :) hehe!

    1. Thank you! :D I know, Im totally in love with my fakes <3 xxx

  3. lovely post and blog :)

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