Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Part 1; How I Bleached My Extensions

Hey guys!

If your anything like me, then you are very impatient and very decisive! Last Tuesday I woke up and had the need to have ombre hair. So off I ran to boots to buy myself some bleach to bleach my extensions! 

The ombre I wanted, Ashlee Simpson is HOT

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WARNING: Do not attempt to dye synthetic extensions.

Now I am going to show you how I did it, but bearing in mind I am not a professional or expert just a really impatient person, it wont be perfect! My extensions were bought blonde, I had dyed them about 6 times, and were completely black before I started - the bleach had a lot of work to do :P

You can read about my extensions here :)

Bleaching Kit - Powder and Bleach
Hair - On your head or extensions
Brush - To mix the stuff up
Old Towel 

I used the Jerome Russell Bblonde for light to brown hair. In the pack you get 4 powder bleaches, but you have to buy the Cream Peroxide separately. The box cost like £3.50 and the developer was £1.50 ish. 

For my extensions I needed 2 sachets and 2 bottles.
You just mix them up and you are ready to go!

Then I put my extension in, made a mental note of how far I wanted the bleach up, took them out and put them on a sheet of tin foil to reduce the mess, then I slapped the bleach on!


 I left them for 30 mins, then ta-da! Gingery blonde hair :D

Now, my hair did look really frizzy so I left conditioner on over night and it seemed to help. But I did end up dying them a magenta purpley colour, which I think made them look a lot healthier and blend in more with my own hair. That will be in part 2 of my extension post :)

If you have any questions leave me a comment!

Emily x


  1. Whatever blush you're wearing in the bottom photo looks lovely on you :)
    You really suit this look!

    Lea x


    1. Thank you! Its MAC's Crew :D xxx