Sunday, 29 July 2012

Review; Herbal Essences Intensive Smooth And Soft Hair Mask

Hey girls,

When I was in Tesco a few days ago, I picked up Herbal Essences Intensive Smooth And Soft hair mask. If you read my half price Tesco haul post, then you would know I picked this up really cheaply for £2 as most of the Herbal Essence products are on offer. I normally use the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration hair mask but decided to change this week and get the Smooth and Soft kind. 

The Smooth and Soft hair mask really makes a difference to the feel and look of my hair. The mask is quite thick but spreadable, if you know what I mean, so a little goes a long away. When I apply it I use it all over as I don't find masks make my hair look greasy or weigh it down. I leave it on for around 5 minutes (basically as long as I can) then wash it off. After using this my hair was left nourished and felt super soft to the touch. I also noticed that my split ends were hidden quite a bit, leaving them soft and healthy looking.

The Smooth and Soft hair mask smells like tropical fruit juice, and lingers on your hair after washing it out too. The smell of the mask is also similar to the Hello Hydration version, the only difference between the smells is that Smooth and Soft is more orangey and Hello Hydration has a much stronger coconut smell.

The packaging on the mask is really up my street too - I love the bright orange as it's a fun and happy colour!

Overall I really love this mask, in fact I love all the Herbal Essence range! I do have to say though, I prefer the Hello Hydration mask to this only because I prefer the coconut smell. Otherwise I feel that this mask is perfect, and something every girl with damaged, dry or frizzy hair needs! 

Have you tired the Herbal Essence masks? 

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