Thursday, 23 February 2012

My Fake Nails

I hate my real nails, they are so short and I bite them, I know it’s so bad but I cant help it! Anyway I use false nails nearly all the time mainly because my nails are too small for designs, or I just want nails that look better than my real ones.

These are the set I always use, in Boots and Superdrug this cost around £8, however I bought these for £4.99 from my discounted store. I currently have 2 packs of the 200 nails in my collection.

They look so much better than my real nails, and people are always surprised to learn that they're fakes. They are so good that I know exactly which ones fit my nails, and but I do have to file them down as they are very long and as it comes with a nail file that's super easy!

On my nails they last around 10 days before coming loose, which if only one does I just glue it back on. When it comes to taking them off I usual just bite and pick them off, yes I know it’s bad but feels so good! But normal people would just soak them in nail varnish remover...

The nails come in nine varied size;

These are the biggest and smallest size, both sizes dont fit me but the others are perfect.

The set also comes with glue that is very strong holding the fake nail on, perfect; 

So now my nails look great :)

Emily x

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