Sunday, 19 February 2012

My Hair Story

 My hair has been an interesting part of my life it all started 6 years ago, when my mam (or mum) let me dye my hair for the first time. When I was little I had very dark chocolate coloured hair, but from the age of 7 it started to get lighter and lighter, until I had mousy hair, I hated that colour and till this day I still do. So when I was 11, my mam said I could have it coloured darker, yes!! At this time my hair was around armpit length. A few months later I got blonde and red 'streaks' put through, I was the coolest in my class at the time and that when my hair dying journey properly started. 

So from the age of 11 until 13 I was happy with dark brown hair, just playing with different accent colours every so often, but when I turned 14 I wanted needed blonde hair. At the time everyone else was doing the opposite, dying it black or brown (the chav black with an orange face YUCK), I felt like a sheep and I liked to be different. So one day I came home with this thought in my head of being blonde, and after a few weeks of begging my mam (my dad didn’t have any say) she said yes. Brilliant, I was different again, and I loved it, my hair was a multi tone of pale blonde and cool blonde just how I wanted. Oh how that changed. 

By 14 I was sick of blonde, it was damaging my hair and as my hair grows fast it was too much money to keep dying it every month. So what could I do? Go back brown? No I was too bored of it, what about red I though. Bright red was my answer. Only a few children in my school had red hair, these were the goth or emo kids, but I didn't care what other people thought. I went ahead and did it, and again loved it, my hair felt so nourished and healthy. Perfect. So from the age of 14 to 15, I loved my red hair, it did vary from blood red to bright red over the year, and did once change in purple for a month. Introduce Cheryl Cole, my red hair thief. 

Let’s get this out of the way, I do not, in anyway, like Cheryl Cole, she is a Geordie like me but I still despise that women. I just can’t stand her.

From the day she dyed her hair red, almost every girl in my school went red. It was as if someone had tipped red dye all over my school, and I hated it. Myself still having red hair, felt like a sheep again. This was the time I first dyed my hair black, just turned 16.

Black hair; my favourite. It contrasts with my pale complexion (so pale MACs NC 15 is too dark) brings out my bright blue eyes and makes me feel great. I loved it, everyone loved it and I always got great attention because I paired it with black and bright coloured clothes, and lots of kohl eyeliner.

But after a year and a half, I got bored and did the most stupidest thing I have ever done, I tried to get my raven hair platinum blonde. How I regretted it.  

No lightener will work without destroying your hair to straw. My hair did go blonde, after it went from black, red, brown/ginger, orange, brighter orange, yellow, bright yellow, to dark ashy blonde. I had to use 5 lighteners all of which I used in 2 weeks. Basically my hair snapped off. I was so stupid, a dumb blonde. My hair was at armpit length when I started the process by the end, it was above shoulder length. I had to dye it every 3 weeks and it was killing my hair, it wouldn’t grow past my collar bone and above all it made me look washed out. I can’t tell you how much I cried, I hated it. So after my mam spent all this money getting me blonde, 4 months later I dyed it back black. She wasn’t best pleased to say the least.

Anyway I was back black, happy but with hardly any hair left. And this is where the story has ended, I'm sat here getting my roots done eating jelly beans, staying the colour I'm meant to be. I just wish I had known that earlier. I'm a pale girl who loves black hair.

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Emily x

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