Thursday, 23 February 2012

Nail Varnish Haul

I recently went shopping and got some great deals, so I made a haul to show you what kind of things I found! I got 3 glitters in pink, silver/black, purple/hot pink, and some other colours with a metallic shimmer. This month my nail polish addiction is getting a bit out of hand, I have bought 11 nail polishes this month and its only the 23rd of February, however I can say I only paid £1.99 a polish!!! It’s such an amazing deal! 

My awesome deals ;)

Back Row;
  • Saffron – Black and silver glitter colour 06 
  • Saffron – Pink Glitter colour 03 
  • Astor Lacque DeLuxe – 616 Purple dream 
  • W7 – 18 Fluorescent purple 
  • W7 – 48 Pink 
  • W7 – 71 Cosmetic purple 
  • W7 – 90 Metallic Neptune 
  • Bourjois 1 Second – 24 (I think)
Front Row;
  • Sally Hanson – Dry Kwik 
  • Tesco All About Nails – Emerald

My favourite colour is W7’s Metallic Neptune, I loved the green undertones so had to buy it, and I think it’ll be one of my go to colours. I am also impressed with the Saffron glitters, they are so glittery but also have a colour as a background, I'm so impressed! 

Took with a flash on the camera, such a beautiful colour. 

I found these polishes at a discounted make up stall. If you are from the north east, you may know of the Metro Centre, well outside the Fossil shop there is a make up stall which sells all kinds of well known brands for most of the time less than half price! Woohoo!

The only polish I didn’t get from there was the All About Nails one, this was from Tesco and was only 99p, a steal for such a pigment polish. Anyway here’s some photos of the glitters; 

Saffron glitters - lovely and sparkly 

So sparkly! I really like this glitter.
I hope you liked my haul :) 
Emily x

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