Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review MUA Pressed Powered and Blush

MUA is a brand available from selected Superdrugs, where most of the products only cost £1. I really like MUA as the quality of their products, in my opinion are worth higher prices. 

Left - Pressed Powder Shade 4
Top Right - Blush Shade 2
Bottom Right - Shade 4
The Blush; 
I have two shades, 2 and 4, both of very high quality. I love there smooth texture and the pigmentation was really good for the price both £1.

Shade 2 is perfect for me as I have very cool toned pale skin, the soft warm pinks is ideal for giving me a natural flushed look.

Shade 4 is a coral-rose with a very small shimmer to it. This shade has a very strong colour pay off, so it would be easy to end up looking like a clown, not a good look! However it is easy to blend it out creating a nice rosy-peachy cheek, also for days I want just something a bit different, this is the colour.

The Pressed Powder;
I was looking for a matt contour powder for awhile but nothing was standing out to me but when I was looking at the blushes this caught my eye. I ended up buying it in shade 4, and again it was only £1. I am soooooooo happy I bought this, it actually makes a really nice matte contour shade and it’s not too dark! Woohoo! It’s quite silky to the touch as the powder is delicately milled. I really love this product but I have two small issues, when dipping a brush onto the pan a lot of the product is displaced and becomes loose, which sits on top of the pan which means you need to give your brush a bit of a shake before lifting it to your face to avoid fall out and a very harsh contour. Secondly, my casing broke after a week. The little plastic ridge that keeps the lid of the casing down snapped off and now the lid can swing freely, not ideal when you have excess product on the surface. All in all, I can get over the breakage as the powder its self works and does the job. Plus it only cost £1

The swatches are the products simply swiped onto my inner arm after pressing my finger once into the product, they have such good colour pay off! 

Top- Shade 4, Pressed Powder
Middle- Shade 2, Blush
Bottom- Shade 4, Blush

All things considered I am pretty impressed with MUA such great quality, and so affordable! Well done. 

Emily x


  1. These blushes look really nice :)

    1. You should try and have a look at some, the colour range is huge for a cheaper brand :] x

  2. I need to get them ASAP. Thanks for sharing x