Friday, 17 February 2012

Best of Lush: Top Ten Products

As I said in my last post, I am a Lush addict. I have a brilliant stash of Lush stuff that just smells so good. However since a lot of people have never tried Lush I thought I would do my top 10 favourite products. 

Top Line 1-4
Bottom Line 5-10

1. Honey I Washed The Kids soap - This is an amazing soap that smells like honey and toffee. It is creamy caramel colour, and is so moisturizing. I have so much of this in my stash it my top favourite soap and all time Lush product.

2. The Comforter bubble bar - My very favourite bubble bar because of it’s huge size and gorgeous scent!. Love it! It has a pink and white swirl and you crumble it under running water and it makes HUGE bubbles while turning that water pink and smooth! It smells like sweet blackcurrants and fruit, a little like Ribena.

3. Its Raining Men shower gel - This a shower gel that smells just like Honey I Washed The Kids soap, but I feel like it is slightly more florally. It smells divine though! It is very bubbly and lathers well; a little bit goes a long way! It also leaves a lasting scent on my skin. 

Left - Honey I Washed The Kids
Top Middle- Its Raining Men
Bottom Middle - Slice of The Comforter
Right - Twilight

4. Twilight bath bomb - This smells like lavender and vanilla and is very soothing. It is a good one to use before bed as it will help you sleep and make you so relaxed. The bomb is a pink/purple with stars embossed on the top, the inside is blue with sparkles. The first layer turns the water a dusky, creamy pink, and the blue core deepens the colour until the bathwater turns purple and the sparkles make the water so pretty and fun.

5. So White bath bomb – So White has such a light and refreshing apple fragrance, it's perfect for summer and it even moisturises my skin quite nicely.

6. Brazened Honey - I love this mask so much! It's makes my skin glow and exfoliates it so softly. I've been using it once or twice a week for a few months now and my skin feels great.

7. Calacas shower jelly - This smells AMAZING. If this was sold year round, I would repurchase and repurchase over and over again. It smells like sweet fruit and lime, and lathers up really well. 

Left - So White
Middle - Brazened Honey
Right - Calacas
8. Vanilla Dee-Lite - This a liquid body lotion which contains vanilla, kiwi fruit, coconut butter and illipe butter. It smells very sweet and vanillary with a slight hint of kiwi which stops it from being sickenly sweet. I really love the scent! It absorbs very quickly and does not leave my skin feeling oily in the slightest. 

9. Skullduggery bath bomb – although the bath bomb is not much to look at the smell makes up for the appearance, the ballistic is very citrus smelling and contains olibanum and neroli which help the fragrance to last on your skin. 

10. Snow Fairy shower gel – This smells absolutely delicious. It's sugary, bubblegum pink, and sends you back to a time where as a little girl. It makes the whole bathroom smell good after using it. It foams up really well, meaning a little bit of product goes a long way. 

Left - Skullduggery
Middle - Vanilla Dee-Lite
Right - Snow Fairy

More of my favourites include;

  • Dragons Egg bath bomb 
  • Honey Bee bath bomb 
  • Sex Bomb bath bomb 
  • Dorothy bubble bar 
  • Mabar bubble bar 
  • Yuzu and Cocoa bubble bar 
  • Happy Blooming bath melt 
  • Rockstart soap 
  • Snow Cake soap 
  • Lady Catrina soap 
  • Bubble Gum Lipscrub 

If you want a review on a product leave me a comment,

Emily x


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