Thursday, 16 February 2012

Products I Hate

Hello guys, today I'm doing the products I hate post. Normally I don’t end up buying crap as I test products in store and read reviews online. But these products slipped through the net, and I ended up with some appalling products.

Back Left - Garnier Fructis Conditioner & Shampoo
Back Right - Organix Pomegranate Green Tea Styling Mousse
Front Left - Collection 2000 Nail Varnishes
Front Right - E.L.F Matte Nail Varnish

The first is the Organix Pomegranate Green Tea Styling Mousse, this is just disgusting! Organix claims that “This mousse revitalizes and adds texture and control to frizzy uncontrollable hair, providing long-lasting hold without leaving hair sticky”( what a load of bull. When I first opened the mousse I was amazed by the sweet and calming pomegranate scent, the main reason I bought this. It was very easy to press a nice amount of mousse into my hand as it has a pump top, yet the texture was watery and too foamy, not like normal moose at all. After rubbing in between my hands I then applied it to my just washed clean hair, this is where it got gross. Imagine rubbing shampoo into dry hair, you would get a soggy limp sticky mess right? Well this gives you the same result! Its horrid! You’re left rubbing this crap into your hair giving it no hold or ability to style. I used this at night and when I woke up my hair felt stiff and look greasy, my hair also felt like it was coved in a thick coating and it was impossible to comb through. It also took some effort to wash it out the next night.

Overall; Please don’t buy this product, its revolting. Out of 10 stars I give it 0.5, purely for smell.

Next are Garnier Fructis Hair Recovery Repair and Shine, Shampoo and Conditioner. I like to buy various shampoos and conditioners as I find the change of product regularly keeps my hair shiny and in good condition. I tried the Garnier Fructis products as it was in a discount store (Poundland) on sale for both £1 each, a very good deal for a range I normally like. The first thing I noticed was it had a fresh smelling scent like bananas and is a creamy coloured liquid, like the mousse the same reason why I bought them was the smell.

The consistency seems quite thick and silky but I find that it does not lather as well as I was expecting. For some reason I never quite feel my hair is 'squeaky clean' once I’ve washed it out -which takes some time as it feels like the product sticks to your hair, gross! I really don’t like this shampoo because it does not seem to prevent my hair looking greasy again and it takes too long washing the shampoo completely out. I am quite disappointed with it to be honest.

The conditioner was no better. It is horrible to apply and you can't comb it through your hair, no matter how much you use. It does not condition at all, it left my hair feeling dry and brittle which normally it never is. My hair just didn’t feel nourished or repaired, it honestly felt like I had skipped conditioner.

Overall; What a waste of a £2, I could have bought some chocolate or something instead! D: Out of 10 stars I give it 2, the packaging is pretty and it smells nice. Just don’t use it on your hair!

Thirdly are Collection 2000 products, it’s their Hot Looks Fast Dry nail varnish in 38 Mint Mojo and 32 BMX Bandit. This product was a huge disappointment for me, my criteria when buying nail varnish is that it has to be under £5, a nice colour and not runny or gloopy.

I looked at several brands, but Collection 2000's nail varnish won on price coming in at £1.79, very cheap. Now I know why. When applying, I instantly disliked the quality of these varnishes. I can't actually tell if it’s the pigmentation of the paint, or the runniness of the formula. When I tried to apply it onto my nails, one stroke instantly showed gaps and lines on my nails from what looked like brush marks, but I let it dry and added another coat, it again was very streaky but this time it became clumpy too, like it was sticking to the underneath polish and dragging on it. I wasn't happy at all and it looked pretty awful.

Swatches on white card of both nail varnishes,
Left - 32 BMX Bandit
Right - 38 Mint Mojo 

Overall; Out of 10 stars I give it 3, the colours are nice and if collection 2000 could sort out the formula it would be just as good as their other ranges of nail varnish (which I like) 

Lastly is the E.L.F Matte Finisher Nail Polish. This product was a huge disappointment for me. It had so many wonderful reviews on E.L.F's website, so I decided to purchase it. Oh what a letdown.

The product is really 'goopey' and goes on the nail very thick, because of this it takes a while for it to dry completely, so annoying when in a rush or not, waiting up to 30 minutes for your nails to dry is ridiculous! Also after about a month of owning the product I noticed it was starting to separate, the bottom half of the bottle was cloudy substance and the top half stayed clear. I tried to mix it up but after a few minutes it starts to separate again.

Overall; the actual product does what it claims to do so it's good. But it takes so long for it to dry as its soooooo thick, meaning it’s not a favourite of mine. I will not repurchase ever. Out of 10 stars I give it 6, it works but takes too long to dry and becomes gloopy, everything I hate in a nail varnish.

Obviously these are all my opinions, so if you have a different one please leave me a comment and tell me! Also what do you guys think I should do next? Anything I can improve on?

I hope you are having a lovely day,

Emily x

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