Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Barbara Daly Tweezers - Amazing?

Hey guys, 

Just a short post today as I just wanted to tell you guys about my new Barbara Daly tweezers set I bought. I used to use a pair from QVS but they were getting blunt so I got these guys.  I got them in Tesco for £6 and I really do rate these. 

You get 3 pairs of tweezers in the set all ranging in shape, with a soft black material case. The case folds out revealing little elastic holders which stores your tweezers. 

The tweezers are all really sharp and precise, they have matte black handles that feel slightly rubberised to the touch. 

My favourite pair has to be the middle pair, in the below photo, as they can easily grasp the thinnest and shortest of hairs and get them out in a flash.

The tweezers all have a different use for a different part of my eyebrows;

The top tweezer is slanted so I will be using that for the start of my brow, A, the middle one is really pointy and sharp so I will be using that in my arch to get the perfect angle, B, and the last one is straight so I think it would be good at getting the longer hairs as my eyebrows ends, C. 

Overall, I really recommend these tweezers especially at only £6!

What tweezers do you use?

Leave me a comment,

Emily x 


  1. This is a brilliant bargain! All the kinds of tweezers you could ever need for £6, I'm definitely gonna pick them up next time I'm at Tesco! xx


    1. Ah thats good! Im glad you like them :) xx

  2. Wowzers, these look amazing! And you get all three and a case for that price?! Bargain! Great post x


  3. I think the three sizes thing is a great concept, really clever!

    Lea x


    1. Me too, Im always looking for a small pair :D xx

  4. These look great! An awesome deal, and the case is perfect because I always seem to lose my tweezers everywhere lol.
    May have to look into this :)


    1. You should! So affordable and such good quality xx