Monday, 16 July 2012

Review; Collection 2000 Pressed Powder

Hey guys,  

The Collection 2000 Pressed Powder is one of the best powders I have ever used, and recently I have been choosing that over my MAC MSF natural. I use both powders as a finishing powder to set my makeup and just generally make my makeup 'come together.'

Now since I'm ghostly pale, I need a powder that makes my foundation a little bit paler to match my skin. So I got the powder in Ivory instead of Translucent, to give that bit of colour to blend. I use either MAC Studio Fix in NC15 or Revlon Photoready in Vanilla foundation, both with are a little dark, but when used with this powder they match perfectly. 

You might be able to see the rather deep dip where I've nearly hit pan.

Another thing that's good about this powder is the smell! I know, it's a bit strange that a powder has a nice smell but it does! It smells clean, a bit like a baby. You can't smell it when it's on your face though, just in the pan. 

The powder is quite sheer, even though it has a colour -that's why there is no swatch, it just blended into my skin! You can layer this powder without it looking too cakey, but if you over apply it tends to make your makeup look like a mask! Not good!

I use this with my 'MAC' Hello Kitty Kabuki brush review here

 Also I do tend to have a lot, and I mean A LOT of fall out from the powder, unlike the MSF. It tends to fall onto clothes when applying too, which is so irritating!

Plus on a normal day, I do have to reapply the powder at least twice which can be annoying, but something I did with my MAC MSF anyway.

Overall, I think this powder is really good! It does what I need, with out the MAC price tag.

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  1. I know you uploaded these pictures some times ago. But I have read all of what you said. And I completely agreed with you. Good pictures as well x