Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Shit Product Review; Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Lip Gloss

There’s nothing much to make me complain but when I buy a product that claims to do a realistic amount and it doesn’t even do it, it makes me really mad. I bought the Maybelline Superstay tint gloss from ASDA for like a £5 on special and I'm so fucking disappointed!

 Where do I begin on one of the worst product I have ever bought...

1) It does not last 10 hours, not even 2. I have tried it on many occasions since my mam and I bought it and it has not lasted anywhere near 10 hours. What a lie Maybelline.

2) The 'gloss' is awful, that doesn't even last an hour. Its sticky and fades into nothing. Pure crap.

3) The gloss/stain bleeds so much into the skin around your mouth, it looks awful. 

4) The wand is an awful shape, it’s so bloody annoying! How can anyone apply a lip stain gloss with that piece of crap? It’s cheap, messy and rubbish - sort it out Maybelline.  

What the hell is this crap?

I am so disappointed with it!! I've not only wasted my money, but so many other people must have bought it as the stand was almost empty! How can companies allow crap like this to go on sale? 

Surely they care about if the products actually work?!!?

I have actually emailed Maybelline because I'm so angry, but I needed to vent it here too! 


But anyway leave me a comment :) 

Emily x


  1. Wow that's a hell of an angry review! I quite like it! Theres always a lot of nicey nicey reviews and nothing really gets said about the bad ones. By then we've all wasted our money!

    Lea x


    1. I know sorry for my language! But it just really disappointed me! That's why I put my two cents in, nothing can work for everyone :) Im glad you like it though :D xxx

  2. oooh dear haha! It does look awful though. I haven't found many lipglosses that I actually like to be honest I think I'll be staying away from them for a while!!

    1. Theres a Max Factor one that actually lasts for 16 hours, but it is a bit drying on your lips :( *sigh* xx

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