Saturday, 28 April 2012

My Favourite Perfumes; Collection/Review

Everyone had their 'scent' the one perfume that they know smells amazing and lasts for a long time, personally I have a few which are different from one another, but perfect for so many occasions. 

Sex In The City - Lust,
Elizabeth Arden- Green Tea,
Hugo Boss - Orange,
Charlie - Chic
Ed Hardy - Born Wild 

Harajuku Lovers G 

Heres a little description of them;

Sex In The City – Lust - £10 ish
I got this a for a gift for Christmas 2011 off my Auntie, and I was surprised I liked it! It is a sweet smelling perfume, it almost has an orangey-lemony smell but in a nice way. It almost reminds me of one of the Paris Hilton perfumes that I used to use when I was younger. The smell is not overpowering but does need to be topped up every few hours to keep the smell. This is a perfume that I would say is more of a daytime scent and is perfect to spray on just before going to school or work.

Elizabeth Arden - Green Tea - £15/20
I have been wearing this scent for about two years, it really is that good! At first I get a sweet, zesty scent, with the middle notes of sweet jasmine and the green tea coming through, as the scent settles down it becomes more musky but still sweet. Overall I think this it is light enough to wear during the spring and summer months and is definitely for day wear, I don’t need to apply it again when I use it.  In terms of age I would say that most ages could wear this as it fresh and not overly heavy.

Hugo Boss – Orange Sunset - £20 ish
The packaging on this is lovely, it starts with a deep orange at the bottom of the bottle gradually going to a light orange at the top I really like it! The fragrance is warm but more ‘manly’ than the rest of my perfumes. There is notes of Granadilla and Sandalwood that mix together to produce a truly beautiful smell. I love wearing this fragrance; it makes me feel like a million dollars. It’s a perfect ‘grown up’ perfume  that lasts a long time, with the smell not weaking over time. 

Charlie – Chic - £6
I have already reviewed this here but I will just quickly go over it! The smell is slightly fruity, there are notes of sandalwood and amber which give it this deeper more sensual fragrance but still wearable for everyday use. The fragrance is fairly long lasting compared to other perfumes of the same price, when I spray it the morning I can still smell the scents way into the afternoon.

Ed Hardy - Born Wild - £20+
My mam and dad got me this for Christmas 2011 and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! The prominent smells are strawberry and watermelon mixed with other fruit; it’s really sweet and yummy. I think this scent is more like ‘bubble-gum Barbie’ type of girl than a ‘wild’ girl as the name suggests. From the image of Ed Hardy and the name of the perfume I thought it would be edgier and not girlie, but as I said it’s nothing like that!

Harajuku Lovers - G - £15+ 
How cute are the dolls? I love these and have collected a few. Apple is the most prominent fragrance note and offers a juicy burst with a sharp sweetness, the peach and pineapple combine to add an exotic twist to the apple – this smell makes me so happy! It really does cheer me up, after 4-5 hours the sweetness of the top notes start to fade away but you are left with a pineapple and raspberry smell, very tropical. This again is a summer scent as it is lovely and light. It would suit most age groups in my opinion. 

These are them main perfumes you find me wearing; What's your staple perfume? Leave me a comment! 

Emily x


  1. I really like the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea one too!! :)

  2. Eeeee after running out of my Ed Hardy Original perfume I got the Born Wild one on offer in Boots and I love it soooo much! Great review, lovely collection.


  3. Elizabeth Arden - Green Tea is LOVE!!! My twin sister gave it to me as Christmas (2010) present and been using it ever since. But sadly.. it is discontinued in Malaysia! damn :/

    1. Oh D: Its such a beautiful smell! I hope it doesn't get discontinued in the UK xxxx