Monday, 2 April 2012


 Yesterday I  pledged to save money and try not buy anything until the start of May.....

Today I failed.... I bought some hair glue for my wefts... It was £4.50... 

But I'm starting again! Here's my wishlist for the month of April, which I probably wont buy, but that's a good thing!!

These are both from Matalan

I really wanted a bright blue blazer to go with my New Look feather maxi dress, seen here, I want to wear it to a casual wedding in June so I hope Matalan still has it in May! It retails for £18, here is the link for the blazer.

I LOVE this bikini! Its so me, but alas the weather has changed dramatically since last weeks heat wave as its forecast for snow tomorrow in Newcastle. But here's their links for you to check out; Top Bottom 

Soap & Glory Stuff! 

S&G's Hocus Focus seems like it would help my skin look better! I have really dry crappy skin which looks really dull at the moment, so this highlighting formula should make it appear brighter. You can find this here.

I really want to try the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer as everyone raves about this stuff! Its £10 so its a bit pricey, you can find this here.

So thats pretty much all I fancy buying right now, leave me a comment if you have tried/owned these :D

Emily x


  1. Really wanted to try the Hocas Focas but am a bit scared at buying another disappointing highlighter, what are you thoughts on it so far?

    Really like your blog,I followed :)



    1. Well I went into boots today, just to try it again to see if I still like it, and tbh it smells like cheap play-dough. I really didnt like it, the 'glow' is still pretty and that but I dont know if I would be able to put it on my face with the appalling smell :(

      I think once I use up my other highlighters, I will try this again and see if it was just the tester one that smells bad :/

      Ive followed back too :)