Saturday, 7 April 2012

Polka Dot Easter Nails

Hey Guys!

Its almost Easter and to 'celebrate' I did a really simple nail design, this is pretty much one design anybody can do.

I think it looks cute!

First I painted my nails with Sally Hansen Sheerly Opal, then I split open a cheap bobby pin then dipped it in coloured nail varnish, simples! 

I used; 
Rimmel 60 Second Clear as my top coat (I love this stuff!)
Sally Hansen Sheerly Opal as my block colour
Natural Collections White as a dot colour
Barry M's Bright Pink as a dot colour
Rimmel 60 Second Sky High as a dot colour

Emily x


  1. Very nice :) I did polka dot nails for Easter too :) x

    1. Ive just had a look, your nails look great! x