Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Top 6 Nail Varnishes For Spring

I love bright nail varnish whatever the weather, but these 6 are the ones I plan on wearing most through spring. I think they are all beautiful and the formulas/pigmentation are great, not to watery not too thick.

I love all these shades
 1) Astor Lacque Deluxe in Purple Dream
2) Barry M in Pink Flamingo
3) Barry M in Bright Pink
4) Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours in China Glaze
5) Sally Hanson Laccque Shine in Glow (one of my favourites)
6) Barry M in Tangerine (another one of my all time favourites)

Today I have been wearing Barry M's Bright Pink on my main fingers and Barry M's Spring Green on my ring finger (I couldn't choose between colours) I think they go well together as the green makes the bubble gum pink look even more creamy.

My nails are so short, I need to stop biting them!

What have you got on your nails now? 
Leave me a comment!

Emily x


  1. Loving the Sally Hanson one, reminds me of Mavala's electric green <3 x

    Lea x

    1. Ive just googled Mavala's electric green, from what I can see the Sally Hanson one is slightly lighter, but very similar :) xx

  2. I have all the Barry M ones :)
    I used to bite my nails, try to only bite nails on one hand and leave the other hand grow, then only one finger on the rubbish hand to let the other 4 fingers grow .. and then you just kinda stop, Worked for me :)


    1. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to try this, so hopefully it will work :D xxx