Monday, 16 April 2012

Haul and Review; Miss Sporty's Dr Balm

I was out shopping after six form today, looking for a pick me up when seen this in Boots. Its Miss Sporty's Dr Balm in Glam Kiss SOS.

'Dr. Balm' first caught my eye due to the slightly old school packaging, but what really sold me was the smell - watermelon sweets! So far, I'm impressed! 'Dr. Balm' feels pretty soft and moisturising, smells delicious, provides the perfect amount of sheer colour. 

Plus it isn't a sticky balm and that's a big bonus because I hate balms/glosses that stick on you lip -ewww!

Now I think it only cost me £1.99 in store, however on the Boots website it says £3.49 which I would not pay for something like this, because I'm cheap sometimes, making me believe I am right.... 

Anyway overall I would really recommend these to try; they work really well, they smell amazing and they give a right amount of colour pay off for what I want.

Emily x

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