Monday, 9 April 2012

Fashionista Custom Palette

For a few weeks now I have been on a blush craze and this is my latest purchase.

Today I bought a FashionistA pallet from Superdrug. FashionistA has 49 different shades of eyeshadow and 12 blusher colours allowing you to design own palette, perfect for me since I wanted to expand my collection.

Before I went to choose my colours from FashionistA, I went into MAC and swatched the shades I liked hoping to find dupes as I don’t have or want to spend £17.50 on only one blush, to me that is ridiculous.  I think I found a few pretty close matches, two FashionistA colours are eyeshadows as they matched the best. 

 1) Lilac Dream Shade 31 (eyeshadow) is similar to MAC's  Full of Joy
2) Glamour Girl Shade 26 (eyeshadow) is a slightly lighter shade of MAC's Lovecloud 
3) Blushing Coral Shade 5 (blush) is in the same colour family as MAC's Frankly Scarlet, it isn't a exact match as Frankly Scarlet is more red and less pinky

4) Butterscotch Shade 10 (blush) is almost exactly MAC's Melba

I have to say I was surprised at the pigmentation in these blushes as they are only £4 each but £12 for the whole palette (saving £9) 

I got the bright red pallet to stand out from my other ones :)

The palette itself feels sturdy and makes a 'click' when closed. It also has a large mirror on the inside. It's really easy to pop the different pans in and out, meaning you can swap out and put in colours if you are travelling or whatever. 

I actually think it looks a lot more expensive than it is, you can get it in either red or black.

Here's the link for the pallet and blushes

Do you guys know any MAC dupes?

Emily x


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    1. It looks lovely as a highlight or blush xx

  3. these look lovely, im definitely gonna give this brand a go!
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    1. So far ive used Blushing Coral and Lilac Dream the most, they are so pretty :) xx