Wednesday, 4 April 2012

DIY; Decorating My Mirror & Cork Board

 Since it's spring I wanted to update my room a little, so I decided to paint my pine mirror and cork-board. I also have started making a nail varnish rack, so I will post about that either tomorrow or Friday :)  

The paint I used was metallic pink  

I used this paint from ASDA, it only cost 95p (I think) it took a couple of coats to get a good even coverage, but I still had tonnes left. My mirror is from B&M and cost £2.99, I used a old makeup brush to paint them.

I also stuck on some red love heart buttons
 Over all I think it turned out really well! 
Here's my cork-board, I love it!
My cork-board is from IKEA, and cost like £2

Leave me a comment telling me if you like it! :D

Emily x