Monday, 9 July 2012

Tesco Value Conditioner - AMAZING?!

Deep Conditioning, I love it and need it.

 With all the bleach, dye and other damaging stuff I do to my hair and my hair extensions, they need a lot of care. So when I was browsing the hair aisle in Tesco for a new deep conditioner, I spotted the Tesco Smooth Conditioner in Coconut and thought 'why not? Its only 88p' and I'm so glad I did!

I love this conditioner as it really conditions my dry ends and makes my hair so silky, soft and manageable. I have also noticed a reduced amount of frizz, as sometimes if I leave my extensions to dry without a serum or hair oil, the ends can go frizzy. 

Like I said it was only 88p, so I had nothing to lose when I first picked it up. The bottle is massive so it has lasted me a very long time. The scent is a very mild coconut, not in your face or anything.

I always put the conditioner on my dry hair, as if I'm doing a deep treatment as I think it just works better. I focus the conditioner on on the very ends of my extensions as they are the driest part of my hair and then comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb, making sure there are no tangles. I put them in a plastic bag and leave it to do the job.

I leave the conditioner on for up to 24 hours, however most of the time I leave it on for 8/10 hours as I am very impatient and want to wear my extensions!

I put my hair dying towel behind it, in case I get stains on the radiator

I then wash it out with icy cold water, then leave it to dry on my radiator.

The next day my hair is left soft and shiny. Perfect for 88p! 

You should all try this, or at least give cheaper brands ago.

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Emily x


  1. I love using coconut oil for deep conditioner, but the whole jar of organic is quite pricey... so sometimes I opt for the cheaper conditioner packages when I'm in a pinch!

    1. I've used the coconut oil too, but I found it really hard to wash out :(

  2. I find cheaper conditioners can usually work a lot better than more expensive ones! Dark & Lovely conditioner is intended for afro hair but works really nicely on normal hair too - and costs only £1.80 in Boots! My sister uses it for her extensions too :) x

    1. I know, I've reviewed and use Dark and Lovely too! Its brilliant; x