Friday, 3 August 2012

Kleenex Extra Gentle facial Cleansing Wipes Review

Hey guys!

A little while ago, Kleenex released a new range of face products, which I was really sceptical at, I mean I thought they would be like tissues! The Kleenex range includes shine absorbing sheets, facial wipes, facial cloths and eye make up removal wipes, so I decided to pick up the facial wipes and wow! I really am impressed, and may have just found my HG facial wipes. 

They are so thick! The wipes are quilted and feel like cloth,  which are super soft and don't irritate my skin, with a light fresh scent to them. The wipes are wet, but not dripping, meaning my make-up comes off easily with only one of these wipes and it leaves my skin feeling super soft too. Really they are a pleasure to use!

I also love that the wipes are made from natural fibres and are from a certified source. I think it’s great when companies make the effort to be more eco friendly and Kleenex have certainly impressed me. 

I am going to definitely buy these wipes again and compared to some make-up removal/cleansing wipes these are quite cheap at £2.99 a pack with 24 wipes in. 

What wipes do you use?

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Emily x


  1. I received a sample pack of the shine absorbing sheets with a recent asos order and honestly I love them! I normally use Chanel blotting paper which is £22 for 10 sheets and lasts me about a week :( completely converted to Kleenex! Will have to try the facial wipes now!


    1. Wow thats expensive! I think I am going to try more of the range out too :) xx