Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Review; Accessorize Baked Bronzer Duo - Bondi

Hello guys!

As someone with very pale skin, I've always been really scared of bronzers! I hate looking remotely orange or muddy, so finding a bronzer is quite difficult. However I can safely say, that the Accessorize bronzers is a winner!

I have had two of these bronzers, as my first one broke -see evidence below- and I do really like them! I currently own the colour Bondi, and my previous one was Golden Sands. The range itself has 4 colours I believe. 

I love the packaging, and it feels really secure too so I know it's going to explode everywhere all over my things. The first one broke as I dropped it, with the case open, onto the tiles in my kitchen, so it wasn't the products fault! 
The bronzer itself is beautiful, as the two shades are marbled with lighter and darker threads of gold running through them. There is something I really enjoy about baked beauty products, they always look so much more appealing in the pan than a standard product. These bronzers also really remind me of MAC MSF powders! 

Yes, that is a chunk missing in it, I dug my nail in my mistake - oops!

Both halves of Bondi are slightly frosty, but there are no glitter particles at all. It just leaves a nice sheen of colour on your face.

The pigmentation is fab too, as you can see from the swatches, but you can easily control how much colour you want by just using a light hand. I personally like to swirl my brush onto both colours, then to swirl my brush into the lid to make sure the colour covers all the brush, so it doesn't go streaky on my face. 

The top swatch is the light colour,
middle is the darker one,
the last one is both of them together.

Overall, I think this bronzer is great! I was using a matte MUA powder in a 'tan' shade, but I found it was too easy to end up looking muddy. I really these bronzers but also the brand as I haven't found anything I don't like.

Currently in Superdrug, all Accessorize products are half price which is great! I suggest going to have a look to see if you can snap up a bargain.

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Emily x 

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