Thursday, 7 June 2012

Birthday Haul; Purr By Katy Perry

I've had a bit of a crazy, going out allover the place kind of week this week, I've gone out everyday and have been eating very rich, fatty, sugary but yummy foods and Im feeling, well just blegh. I haven't seen a raw vegetable in 4 days!

Plus as soon as this week ends I will be back at school rounding up my alevels, revising like mad, complaining that I have no free time and generally being stressed! Back to normal then.... *sigh*

But anyway onto the review! One of my presents from my boyfriend was Purr by Katy Perry, I had smelled it before and knew I loved it, so I was very pleased when I unwrapped it.

When I was in Boots the the first thing that got my attention was the bottle it is so adorable and unique and in one of my favourite colours purple. The whole bottle is so pretty and clearly shaped like a cat! It has a silver collar with the words 'Purr' written on it, jeweled eyes and a really cute little kitty face on the box.

The fragrance itself absolutely gorgeous! It smells of peach and apple but not in a sickly fruity/sweet way. You can also smell some kind of musky rose or sandalwood with a bit of creamy vanilla. To sum it up I'd say it's a subtle fruity/floral with a definite pick-up of vanilla.
 I think Katy is on a winner with this one <3

I love it, it's gorgeous for either a daytime or an evening fragrance, plus it's Eau de Parfum so should last upto 6-8 hours 

Next time your smelling perfume, check this one out, it really is beautiful!

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Emily x


  1. This sounds perfect, going to ask the mrs to pick this one up for me hehe

    Lea x

    1. I hope you like it! The bottle is soooo cute <3 xx

  2. What a great gift! I was so pleased this year when my boyfriend got me Princess by Vera Wang!
    It's great when our boyfriends know exactly what we want ;)

  3. Nice perfume!
    I love the bottle! (:


  4. Katy Perry is awesome! Even the bottle of her perfume looks amazingly cute! :D Glad u got yourself that perfume :)

  5. hi! is this powdery? can u suggest a perfume that smells like powder? thanks a lot!