Friday, 4 May 2012

eBay; Hello Kitty Phone Cover

Some of you many know I was looking for a cute Hello Kitty phone case when I found this, its so pretty but simple too!

The packaging is all in what I believe is Chinese, although it could be Japanese. 

The case is from eBay and cost me £4.70. There are many sellers on eBay with this item, but this is the exact seller and item I bought - link.

The shipping did take a while, around 3 weeks but that's okay for me since it did come from China. Also I found it was well packaged and cushioned so the case wouldn't break - a massive plus obviously!

Also as you can see in the photo above, you do get instructions to help you with your case, however I was puzzled by the first step as it tells you to apply a screen protector - which is included- onto your phone, but it has 3 different covers which is confusing to put on :P In the end you had to remove side 1, apply side 2, them remove side 2 revealing a screen protector on your phone :)

How cute is the little bow?!?! 

I love how it blends in with my phone and how its not to childish like some other cases are :) 
 The seller I bought it from does so many colours it was hard to choose, so I went with one to match my phone.

The ear behind the bow is a button to enables you to lock and turn your phone on and off, which at first I was worried how I would do that.

The bottom part removes so you can slide your phone in, once its shut it wont come off until you unclip it. 
 Also there are holes for headphones, the volume buttons, cameras and the silent button. 

I have had this case for a week almost and I really do love it, I have dropped it numerous times and it has not broken or scratched, my phone fits in the case just right so it doesn't slip and slide around and the case itself has no sharp bits which could scratch you - my last one did :( 

Well that's it, I hope you like my post, 
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Emily X


  1. You may have already received it, & you aren't really a "newbie" to blogging, but I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog : )

  2. I awarded you with the 'Laine Blogger Award'.Check out my post for more details :)