Sunday, 6 May 2012

Poundland and Discount UK Bargains !

Recently there has been a massive Poundland and Discount UK opened not to far away. 
So today me, my boyfriend and my dad went to check it out.

First I picked up some Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner I have been using for the past week. It is in the strawberry and cream scent, which reminds me of the sweet 'Campinos' that were out years ago! They were swirly red and white, which smell absolutely gorgeous, remember them??

These guys!!

The shampoo really cleans your hair, stripping it from product leaving it super clean - which I love! Even though the smell is pretty strong it is soft in your hair and doesn't overpower the room. After washing my hair with the conditioner, my hair feels really soft. It also looked a lot shinier, less frazzled. I would strongly recommend this to people who have very dry hair, or have damaged it through excessive use of bleach or heat. I will definitely be using these again.

Next I got some Hello Kitty Baby Wipes! I chose these mainly because its Hello Kitty :D Haha! You have to love the packaging and the pink, girly look. Also the scent is very nice, like sweet strawberry! I just cant get enough of the pink packaging - its so freaking sweet!! And whats even better is that I got this only for £1- cheap as chips!

I am going to use these mainly for wiping my hands before and after I apply my make up, as I hate the feeling of makeup on my hands. I'm not planning on using these on my face as they are scented, but I probably will some time along the line. 

Lastly I just got some hair dye to cover my roots for just £2.99 instead of £4/5 which I normally pay. The writing on the box and instructions is in arabic but I know what goes in where so that's fine. I'm trying to leave my hair for at least 6 weeks, as I normally die it every 4 weeks which as everyone knows is bad. However it does cringe me when I look in the mirror and see rubbish brown roots with jet black hair :P I will probably end up doing it tomorrow knowing me! 

Have you got any bargains this week? 

Emily x


  1. I used to be addicted to Campino sweeties! They had a peaches & cream flavour too. I'm going to have to hunt them down now! x

  2. I use the orange alberto balmsam shampoo and feel the same way it realy leaves your hair squeeky clean :)


    1. Its so good for the price :D I love them xxx


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