Friday, 8 February 2013

Fake MAC Brushes Review

Hey guys,

I have another FAKE MAC brush review for you today. I bought these brushes two weeks back on eBay for £9.54, under the name '12Pcs Professional Make Up Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Kit Set Black Pouch/Case' and I really like them. These aren't my first fake MAC brushes, and I have no problems buying fakes as most of the time they are just as good and not even half the price of the real one, so you can totally understand why myself and people buy fakes.

The brushes come inside nice case with the 'MAC' logo on. The zip and the plastic materials its made of are of good quality, and I'm impressed. Inside the case the brushes sit in little pockets, with plastic covers on them. (I took them off) It also comes with a pouch that can be attached in the middle of the case, but I wasn't a fan so took it out. Just like real MAC brushes, none of which I have and don't intend to, each of these brushes have a specific number on. 

(Top row, left to right)

187 Duo Fibre Stipple Brush; I have used the 187 for just about every purpose; for mineral foundation, for liquid foundation, for powder, for blusher, for bronzer... There isn't much that this brush can't do. It is however a little plasticy and could be denser. I've had no shedding using this, and overall its useful to have.

136 Large Powder Brush; This brush is quite large and dense, and decently soft so as a powder brush, it's fantastic. It gives a very light and soft application of powder and is so versatile, you can use the edges and tip to apply tiny amounts of powder to the eye area, or you can use the whole of the brush to sweep powder over the face. 

168 Angled Contour Brush; This is the only brush that I'm not too fussed about. Its soft and dense, but I've found it sheds a lot on application. The size of the brush is nice and fits into the hollow of your cheek bones nicely. 

190 Foundation Brush; I really like this foundation brush, it feels silky smooth. The rounded edge is good for getting in corners around your nose and blending near the hairline. I know I wont use this all the time but its nice to have it.

(Bottom row, left to right)

316 Lip Brush; This brush comes with a metal cover, making it a retractable lip brush. It's soft with dark brown bristles, that can pack on colour with definition.

275 Angled Shading Brush; This brush is quite large, very dense, and very fluffy. It packs on colour, blends out colour, can be used for highlighting, defining the crease, getting into my inner eye area, and use it on your lower lashline to add a hint of colour. 

231 Small Shader Brush; There's not a lot to say about this brush, except its really soft. Its great for precise concealer application, gel eye liner, brow powder, high lighting in the inner corners of the eyes, and detailed shadow application.

212 Flat Definer; I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this brush, it is just too thick to do anything I want. 

219 Pencil Brush - My biggest complaint with it is that it is SCRATCHY. The shape is nice, and it works but it is uncomfortable to use.

214 Short Shader Brush - This brush is my favourite of all the eye brushes. It is really dense, and is small enough you can control it's every move and you can really get into the lash line and lower lash line which I love. 

209 Liner Brush - This brush is just too large to use with eyeliner, but will work to line your lips. The density is nice and the bristles are very soft and smooth.

263 Small Angle Brush - Putting on gel eyeliner has never been easier, this has the right about of give and firmness, and the angle is perfect. I've also used this to fill in my brows as its thin enough to allow for precision, and also large enough to fill in the brow quickly and without hassle.

So yes, I would definitely suggest you try these, they aren't real MAC but honestly it's just a name. 

What do you guys think about fake products?

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Emily X


  1. I genuinely don't have a problem with fake products, as long as the seller makes it clear they are replicas of the real thing. That way nobody is getting a bum deal. Everyone buys primark versions of raybans and uggs so...

    I really like crown brushes for cheap but good quality brushes, although these do look a bit of a bargain, especially for those of us who can't afford to buy MAC all the time!

  2. I think Julie makes a good point, a lot of people do get taken in. That being said, I've sold 100% legit items on ebay before and had people harass me about them being fake, when in reality I just had access to sample products that never went into production or they didn't know what they are talking about.

    I find most Sephora brushes work just as well as any MAC brushes, although my MAC brushes are 6 years old and going strong, whereas some of my Sephora brushes crapped out after a lot of use. Still, for the price, I think it's worth it. The only MAC brush I haven't found a substitute that I love for yet is the skunk brushes - 187 and 188 I think.