Saturday, 12 January 2013

Not My Cup Of Tea; MAC Saint Germain

Hi lovelies!

Time for another MAC lipstick review, and this time it's MAC's Saint Germain. I've had this since June but I've barely used it, not that I don't like the colour, but it just seems to slip of my lips and fall into the lines.

Saint Germain is described as a "clean pastel pink" and that's exactly what it is, a pastel Pepto Bismol colour. The lipstick has an amplified finish which means it is bright, opaque, but also really creamy too. However I just feel this lip colour should be matte. Like I said before the staying power is rubbish not even an hour, and that's without eating and drinking. It just slips of, and disappears? It's strange! No other lipstick does that! But that's not just it, the few minutes its on, it sinks into the lines in my lips and makes them look chapped *sigh* I just don't get on with this lipstick.

Even though I loved the idea of this type of pink, this one just doesn't work for me, and I kinda regret buying it.

What are your thoughts on this lipstick? Do you have a favourite MAC shade?

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