Wednesday, 3 October 2012

DIY Hair Mask For Extremely Weak, Porous, Dry and Damaged Hair.

Hello my lovely readers,

Well, I've been a naughty hair bleacher again! In one week I stripped my hair, then bleached it 3 times and then dye it five or six times! Total torture for my hair I know, but hey I'm impatient and now I have purple hair!

Since it's been so damaged I've been using a DIY mask on my hair, free of chemicals and nasties in some hair masks. So heres what I've been using; 

Olive Oil - to help reduce the elasticity of hair and conditions plus reduces frizz and static
One Egg - which contains protein which strengthen and moisturise hair
You could also add a drop of honey to the mix, as it acts as a humectant (attracts moisture)

How to make the mask;
Pour out enough olive oil to saturate all of your hair
Add the egg both the whites and the yolk
Whisk together
Apply to whole head coating roots to ends 
Leave on for 30 minutes minimum, really as long as possible
Rinse with cold water, to make sure the egg doesn't cook!
Then shampoo and condition as usual 
And ta-da shiny, healthy strong hair!

I really recommend this mask if you hair is porous as the protein in the egg helps the 'fill in the gaps' of the hair shaft, that were damaged through bleaching. I use this mask once or even twice a week depending what my hair is like, but I must warn you that adding too much protein to your hair isn't very good as it can build up and cause breakage - which defeats the point of using this mask. But like I said since my hair is so damaged I need all the protein I can get!

So, what do you think, do you make your own masks? Any tips? 

Leave me a comment,

Emily x


  1. This sounds amazing. I will definitely be giving this a go. I chemically straighten my hair every 6 weeks or so and it's so abrasive that my hair is beyond damaged - so we're in the same boat. I'm not a frizz ball and you've got gorgeous purple hair! ;)

    Lola ..x

    1. You should try it, its cheap and works! :D xx

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