Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Andrew Barton S.O.S Help Me! Hair Mask Review

Hello guys,

Awhile back Sophie from Duck and Egg did a post on the Andrew Barton S.O.S Help Me! Hair Mask, and since I really enjoy hair masks I went and picked it up. 

First off, I love the packaging. The simple black and red jar looks really appealing, plus since red is one of my favourite colours, it really stood out to me. Next, before even using it I fell in love with the smell! Its amazing, like warm vanilla cookies and hints of chocolate - yum! I mean even if you don't buy it, go and smell it, it's delicious.

The texture of the mask is really light, so much so I wouldn't call this a mask, more of a everyday conditioner - especially since my hair is pretty thick and damaged. My hair is pretty dry and the ends are porous, so I normally go for heavy duty conditioners so I wish this one was thicker, and did more to my hair. I find that my hair is shinier but there are no long lasting effects, plus I haven't noticed a difference to the smoothness or overall health to my hair which is canny disappointing.

That been said I'm glad I didn't pass this one up, I liked trying it and it smells lovely! I would recommended this mask to people with thin hair or people who don't need heavy conditioning. 

What's your favourite hair mask?

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Emily x


  1. I've just reviewed this too :) Love how they smell, the whole range is really great quality x

  2. Shame this product wasn't everything you hoped it would be, it sounds like it smells amazing though! xo

    1. It does smell amazing! Just wish it was thicker :/ xx