Friday, 5 October 2012

Lush Ocean Salt Review

Wow wow wow. 

Lush's Ocean Salt is a miracle worker!

Ocean Salt is a salt scrub for face and body, which is made up of fine and coarse sea salt, avocado butter and coconut fat to hydrate, and natural antiseptics like lime juice and vodka to help with acne, blemishes, plus blocked pores. The scrub is suited for all skin types, except sensitive, as the sea salt will be too harsh. 

Ocean Salt is a pretty light bluey/green scrub with a thin consistency. The salt feels really abrasive at first, but the longer you rub the product into your damp skin, the granules get smaller and smaller to the point that they've melted completely away - which is the point that you rinse. 

As you can see I need another one!

Now, I've been experiencing some intense acne issues on my cheeks, chin and dry patches on other parts of my face and Ocean Salt is really helping me out! My spots are still there but they've been reduced so much! The redness has gone down and no new ones have appeared, so the anti-septic properties I think are really working. The dry patches have also disappeared which is another good thing!

Overall my skin seems to really be benefiting from this sea salt scrub and at the moment I'd say this is probably my favourite Lush products!

Have you tried it? What scrub do you use?

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Emily x

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