Sunday, 21 October 2012

MAC Pink Nouveau

Hey everyone,

I've had Pink Nouveau for about half a year now and have only mentioned it a few times but never really got around to doing a full review on it, so today here it is!

 Pink Nouveau is a medium blue toned pink which is super flattering for any skin colour, warm or cool toned and I would even say any hair colour! Its quite bright but not an 'in your face' colour, and can be worn everyday. The lipstick has a satin finish, meaning it has a very smooth and creamy texture and this one is especially lovely! The pigmentation is amazing and I would say this lipstick lasting time is around 5 hours depending on what you eat or drink. However if you touch your lips, the color will transfer easily onto your fingers which I do not like. So don't go kissing people if you do not want them to have pink stains afterward!

I am in love with this lipstick and have pretty much been wearing it ever since I bought it. It's quickly becoming my signature color and I am definitely repurchasing.

Sorry about my chapped lips ^_^

Have you tired Pink Nouveau?

Leave me a comment,

Emily x


  1. This is gorgeous! You should try Hot Gossip if you're into pinks, it's so creamy and lovely :) x

  2. Wow, that is a kick ass lipstick! Love it!

    Lea x