Monday, 19 March 2012

My Evening Face and Hair Routine

I'm not going to lie, for a very long time all I used to do was get a make-up wipe, rub it over my face and then say that my make-up was off. But since I really started to get into makeup I now do a full evening routine, to make-sure I get all my makeup off to bed nice and fresh faced. 

Although I swap and change these products every few months the routine I follow is one that I now stick too;

Simple Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover: I like this eye make-up remover; it does the job and doesn't sting my eyes. I will say though, I don’t use this every night only if I have lots of eye make-up on.

Superdrug Baby Wipes: At the moment I'm using an Superdrug's own face wipe. This is mainly because they're cheap and were on sale. After I've used my eye make-up remover I then take the rest of my make-up off using this.

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Wash: At the moment I'm using a Clear and Clear face wash, which I like. It foams up nicely and leaves my skin feeling nice and fresh. I do this in the shower to make sure that any trace of make-up is removed from my face. I use this with my Soap and Glory face mitt to give a bit of exfoliation, giving my skin a deep cleanse. You can see my review here.

Lush Tea Tree Water Toner: I use this once I get out of the shower. It makes my face really really clean but also helps to stop spots (I think it does anyway)

Aknemycin Plus Spot Treatment: This really works! I got this from my doctor as its prescription only. It helps dry out the spot and helps prevent spots appearing. I like to apply this to any breakouts I have, or feel like are appearing.

Boots Simply Sensitive Moisturiser: I like to finish off with a good but light moisturiser. It makes my skin feel ‘plumped’ up and really soft.

So there you go that is my simple evening skin care routine. Now my evening hair routine; My hairs been really dry lately so I’ve added a few more steps in my routine.

TRESemme Volume & Lift Extra Body Mousse: After I wash and condition my hair I use this in my fringe and top part of my hair. It makes it A LOT easier to style my hair in the morning plus it doesn’t weigh my hair down. 

Dark & Lovely Softening Oil Moisturiser: Although in my review, found here, I said I wasn’t too keen on this. But I am still using it as I hate wasting stuff, I put this in the ends of my hair and in the morning they are soft and moisturised.

Boots Ingredients Coconut & Almond Leave-In Conditioner: I spray this all over my hair to give it a little more moisture. I don't know if it actually does but it smells amazing!

I know I like reading these types of posts because it gives me an insight into the products people use, so I hope you liked mine! 

What are your favourite products?

Emily x


  1. We have such a similar routine :) I used to just use a single wipe and be done with it too, haha xxx

    1. It was much quicker back then, but now my skin is a lot clearer! Yay! ahah :) x

  2. I also use makeup wipes and then I cleanse my face. But I usually use a scrub for some good exfoliation and then put on my moisturizer!

    1. I use a Lush mask as my scrub one or two times a week :) It kills two birds with one stone, not that I've ever killed a bird ;P Ahaha x

  3. I love your blog! Thanks som much for your sweet comment on my blog! Of course I will follow you!